Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day!

Greetings good citizen,

Um, stocks are up this morning allegedly on ‘the strength of manufacturing’ sector…which is pretty freaking bizarre considering we don’t manufacture Jack here…

Why would the idiot investors be ‘pleased’ with strong manufacturing numbers coming out of ‘elsewhere’?

Because it sure isn’t ‘good news’ for the world’s newest Banana Republic.

[Formerly known as the world’s ‘developed’ nations.]

How fucking bizarre is it good citizen that the closer you look at this entire situation, the more it looks like the > One Percent is giving the rest of us the finger for daring to make them fund our retirement (such is social security.)

On a more Pathetic note we have this piss poor showing of US ‘Labor in Action’:
If you ask Mike Garcia, president of SEIU, United Service Workers West, he will tell you, “We have a jobs crisis, not a budget crisis. We have a crisis of the right-wing conscience.”

He gave this speech atop a stage at Pershing Square, in the financial hub of Los Angeles, the afternoon of tax day, April 17, 2012--a day when 2,000 janitors and workers took to the streets to let the large corporations know we would not stand for their corporate tax dodging. [???] He went on, “The janitors are here ready to march for justice, not just for janitors, but for all workers in this country. They tell us there’s no money for healthcare in this economic recession, for wage increases, there’s no language to give us justice as immigrants in this country! We say no. We don’t believe it. There is not a scarcity of money, but there is a scarcity of justice.”

May Day, good citizen…why is it that capitalists so loathe the first of May?

Used to be the day the ‘troublemakers’ would get the rest of the workers riled up about how they were being ‘mistreated’. Well, a little tweak here and a blind eye there and now there isn’t a ‘labor movement’ to speak of.

Sort of weird to point out that the only remaining unions are those of municipal workers.

And our politicians have them on a ‘short leash’.

So, naturally, 30 years too late, we suddenly have the ‘faux left’ crowing about ‘re-taking May Day’.

We’re gonna get out there and protest tax dodging by the >One Percent!


30 years later and there is still no public outcry about the EXPORTING OF OUR ECONOMY?

Did I mention that there aren’t any ‘real’ Democrats anymore? (Just idiot Libertarians pretending to be liberals.)

Which sends the wrong message, forgive me.

There are plenty of ‘true democrats’ out there BUT they no longer have a presence in our political process.

And we can thank our far too corrupt government and the corporate owned media for that.

More interesting is the question of, 'now that things have gone too far, how do we fix it?'

Do you think ‘protesting out treatment’ will open the door to meaningful dialog?

Or do you think the public execution of the Supreme Court and half of congress will ‘get their attention?’

Not that I personally advocate violence…(I’d just exile ‘em!) [See ‘A Simple Plan’ for details on Exile.]

Let’s take a moment and examine ‘the arc of history’ over the past forty years. If we look at this with a critical eye we see a number of ‘amazing’ things and the amazing part is what DIDN’T HAPPEN.

We had massive protests over the Vietnam War (which haven’t been repeated despite ten years of war in the Middle East that nobody today can define what ‘victory’ looks like!)

The unions were ‘busted’ and Globalization was rammed into place without a single politician objecting, never mind pointing out the ‘desertification’ of the US economy.

Then there was the ‘looting’ of the corporate pension system…not that most pensions were worth the paper they were printed on, after inflation.

Yeah, massive mismanagement and not so much as a whisper of ‘protest’ (never mind the absolute ‘safety’ of the responsible parties…that’s truly ‘remarkable’!)

Now, thirty years later, we have what’s left of the union movement protesting ‘tax evasion’ by the >One Percent…

How did it come to this?

Soon even voices like mine will be ‘silenced’ and nobody will be prompting you think things should be different.

Consider that possibility for a moment then reflect for a moment about the other meaning of the term ‘May Day!’

Yeah, it's also a well-known distress call.

Well guess what good citizen…May Day!

Thanks for letting me inside your head (while you still have one.)


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