Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Done Deal

Greetings good citizen,

After two days of ‘irrational exuberance’ markets have resumed ‘cliff diving’ as markets around the globe today are selling off.

Um, How to put this? Should I point out that the ‘collapse’ of our civilization is mostly complete, the only missing element is the (inevitable) descent into barbarism?

Understand; this is not a question of ‘if’ but one of ‘when’.

We have arrived at a point in the ‘cannibalization process’ where the useless courts and contracts will no longer suffice to, er, ‘protect’ one’s investments.

So if you are to, er, ‘secure’ what’s yours, you will be obliged to resort to ‘physical force’.

This will be followed shortly by the resumption of ‘barter in kind’ as ‘faith based’ monetary systems prove, er, ‘unreliable’.

The wise are already scouting around for sources and checking what they are willing to accept ‘in trade’.

Let there be no doubt about it good citizen, the collapse of the increasingly fragile supply lines that bring us live as we have come to know it will be the result of treachery at the highest levels. (Worse, it will be passed off as ‘incompetence’ despite thousands of years of experience to guide us.)

Let’s pause for a moment to look at today’s ‘snapshot’, shall we?

Stocks Fall as E.U. Leaders Gather in Brussels
By DAVID JOLLY 15 minutes ago

European stocks fell almost 2 percent and the euro slipped ahead of another meeting to address the Greek crisis.

Economix: A Primer on the Euro Zone Crisis
Wall Street Follows Europe Down 10:36 AM ET

The main fish market in downtown Athens. Many small businesses in Greece say that they are not prepared to go through a conversion back to the drachma.
Greek Businesses Fear Possible Return to Drachma

The move would involve complex legal and financial steps and could set back the economy further, many say.

Merkel Defensive Amid Fresh Calls for Bonds
Largest Greek Banks to Receive Financing

Facebook Debut Raises Questions on I.P.O. Process

Rival bankers and big investors have complained that Morgan Stanley botched the debut by setting the price too high and selling too many shares to the public.

Facebook Stock Falls Again

Is it just me good citizen or does this Greek thing seem to be ‘insoluable’?

How many more ‘summits’ will they have to hold before they arrive at the inevitable conclusion, the situation is ‘unrepairable’ (actually that’s not true, the COULD fix it tomorrow but at the cost of nuking the rest of the Euro-zone.)

They’d have to ‘revalue’ the Euro so much the typical German may never have to work again (in this lifetime.)

Which would be screwy because the bulk of what Germany produces are ‘luxury items’.

A phenomenon capitalism deals with poorly. (Charging a premium for ‘perceived quality’.)

Which, oddly illustrates why money as it is currently used is a colossal failure in both intent and execution.

Just look at the mess created by forty years of ‘unregulated capitalism’!

Which is to point out that the problem is deeper than just the markets, it goes all the way back to the ‘incentive system’ itself.

The very reason we do what we do, which ‘dictates’ how things get done.

I am constantly circling back to the very basic issue of ‘the purpose of commerce’.

Today, we treat commerce as the court granted ability to screw the public out of as much as they can be taken for, regardless of the consequences to society as a whole.

And that basic shift in attitude, from establishing commerce to ‘serve the needs of the local community’ (in a symbiotic manner instead of a parasitic one) is why our justice system needs a serious ‘purging’.
A purge we should begin with our ‘lawmakers’. NOT Replacement, eliminate them and bring them to justice for their crimes!

And that includes ‘lawmakers’ at all levels.

NONE are fit to sit in judgement of these scoundrels save perhaps the people they have wrongly convicted (or allowed to come to grief so they could line their own pockets.)

Naturally, during periods of ‘civil unrest’ the line between justice and murder blurs considerably…and it goes without saying that many of the guilty will flee successfully, leaving unwitting dupes in their very dangerous place.

Corpses mutilated beyond recognition will become a ‘regular occurrence’ once the hunt for the guilty begins…and this too is ‘inevitable’.

While we would all hope the criminals would be satisfied with ‘disappearing’, all to many will try to throw their pursuers off of their trail by leaving a string of corpses behind them.

It won’t be unusual at all to hear that so and so was killed multiple times in multiple locations (usually after being sighted once again!)

But such is the game of ‘retribution’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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