Saturday, May 12, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

It appears to be one of those days when you find yourself wondering when, precisely, the world turned into a lunatic asylum?

We already know that the repeal of Glass-Steagal was a horrendous mistake made that much more horrific by the fact that it remains unrectified!

But that aside, do they seriously expect us to believe they can bend the financial system back into working condition again (even if they erase ALL of the rules?)

In a sidebar one of the ads on my homepage is for the over the counter medication Lunesta…which is for insomnia if you aren’t familiar with the floating green butterfly in the ads.

And I found myself wondering just how many financial professionals were buying this stuff wholesale in the industrial strength, 55 gallon drum?

Because the global banking system is one stiff breeze away from collapsing

I excerpted this particular portion of the otherwise meaningless article for a reason…

That reason should hit you right in the eye:
He was so well regarded by the administration that the White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, was even tapped to appear at the bank’s board meeting back in 2009 before the appearance was scuttled. More recently, Mr. Dimon has visited Washington numerous times, seeing both allies and sparring partners like Representative Barney Frank.

Now, though, Mr. Dimon’s reputation and possibly his influence have been cut down to size.

The trading loss disclosed late Thursday is a rare misstep by a man who prides himself on having his fingers on the pulse of his 270,000-employee company, and it suggests his vaunted confidence edged toward hubris.

So, what hits YOU in the eye, good citizen?

Is it that really BIG number in an industry that doesn’t produce an actual product?

Despite the, er, ‘profits’ credited to the financial sector, they don’t ‘produce’ any, zero, zip, nada of what we like to call ‘wealth’.

Or, more practically, the problem rests with the inability of the ‘real economy’ to cover the (blank) checks the financial sector keeps writing…

So we find ourselves in a pretty much endless game of ‘extend and pretend’.

I say pretty much endless because it will have to end…someday.

And, ironically enough, we already know when that ‘someday’ will be. It will be the day they go to buy the fuel to send the tractors out into the field and learn that their accounts are over drawn.

Which will mark the beginning of a ‘cascading systemic collapse’.

The tractors don’t go out and plant the crops so there’s nothing to harvest and nothing to harvest means there’s nothing to eat…and then the real fun begins as the desperate start looking for something (preferably meaty) to stick in their hungry mouths.

And the Hollywood’s perverse fixation on flesh eating zombies starts to make sense…

For these aren’t the ‘undead’ they are the nearly dead, preying on the ‘better off dead’ while the (well-fed) criminals watch the drama play out.

Hell, these ghouls even have Blackwater on speed dial, ready to airlift them out of their compounds if things get ‘too hot’ locally.

But let’s return for a moment to the 270,000 JP Morgan Chase employees.

Now we aren’t talking 7-11 here where the bulk of the payroll is part time minimum wage. Nor are we looking at a major auto manufacturer, where the product itself is getting priced to a smaller and smaller audience.

Which is to point out that the ‘average person’ soon won’t be able to afford to drive.

Have you ever stopped for a moment and considered what the ‘economy’ would look like then (especially if we are still groaning under the yoke of ‘fuck you pay me,’ capitalism?)

Now there’s no excuse for it because yes, good citizen…there IS a ‘better way’!

There is NO LACK of things that NEED doing…so there will be no shortage of jobs, all which will pay ‘a living wage’.

In fact, we could set this plan in motion tomorrow!

But the current ‘wealthy at your expense’ crowd is opposed to it.

And yes, good citizen, now we are pointing a finger at the ‘>’ (less than) One Percent.
We could wipe them out of existence and never notice they were gone.

That is the sad part good citizen, like Jamie Dimon’s 270,000 ‘employees’, the > One percent are totally useless.

In fact, Mr. Dimons employees, like Mr. Dimon himself will have to find ‘real (productive) jobs!

But that’s okay, there’s no shortage of ‘things that need doing’!

Which is to point out that we not only have an (easily corrected) legal problem but we also have a (just as easily corrected) ‘management problem’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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