Friday, May 11, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Time to spend one of my ten NY Times ‘freebies’ for the month, if only because the story itself makes my blood boil.

Um, let me digress for a moment as we take a quick look at the decidedly disturbing phenomenon I’ve pointed to several times before and that is the Opening bell at the NYSE and the ‘miraculous’ recovery of global stock markets…

Fucking criminals!

You’d have to be blind not to see it. Opening bell in New York and stock markets around the globe go straight up…and this is AFTER J.P. Morgan announces a $2 BILLION dollar trading ‘loss’.


Remember good citizen, the only thing the stock markets tells us today is how rich the already wealthy have decided to make themselves AT OUR EXPENSE!

Higher stock prices for them mean higher prices for us! (Worse, the nearly wiped out ‘real economy’ can’t take much more of this!)

Let us proceed with that which should shame us all
The evidence is easy to spot. An American company, Element Electronics, for example, has made flat-screen televisions for years at a factory in China but is now expanding in America. It recently opened a factory near Detroit that is producing the first televisions made in the United States by any company in years.

At General Electric, local tax breaks and a concessionary union contract contributed to G.E.’s decision to manufacture its latest electric water heater in Louisville, Ky. — instead of in China. Similarly, the Otis Elevator Company is moving production to a new factory in Florence, S.C., from a plant in Nogales, Mexico, and Master Lock has switched the manufacture of combination locks back to Milwaukee from China.

At P.A.M.A. Furniture, in Jamestown, N.C., the owning Pennisi family has begun to manufacture upholstered chairs and sofas “from scratch,” according to Anthony Pennisi, a vice president.

Until recently, the Pennisis imported chair frames from Italy and Indonesia, and finished them at the family’s Jamestown factory. Manufacturing everything here is more expensive, Mr. Pennisi said, and he has asked for government help. “I think we are a prime example of a small manufacturer producing a Made-in-America product and trying to survive,” he said.

This nation has become a HUGE economic desert…but it wasn’t always so.

Worse, a whole generation has grown up thinking Japanese cars are the best and imported anything was superior to domestic everything…

NOW, the very same fuckers responsible for putting the United States productive capacity on a barge for points unknown are back, crying for MORE government subsidies!

And guess where our witless politicians will carve these ‘lifelines’ from?

From our fucking social security!

Burn them! Burn them to the fucking ground!

Our civilization cannot tolerate this ceaseless onslaught from those already so rich they CAN’T spend it productively anymore!

Burn their factories and HANG their politicians!

OR we could just slap their little wrists and tell them to cut the shit…but you know what they’ll do then, don’t you?

They’ll declare WAR on us (and hijack our own military to fight it for them!)

So we’re back to burn their factories and hang their politicians…and anyone else stupid enough to stick their heads above ground!

Enough is enough, good citizen!

These people need ‘subsidies’ like the rest of us need an extra hole in our heads…something THEIR bought and paid for politicians would gladly provide for us, free of charge!

Somehow ‘dead constituents’ are so much easier to answer to…

(And it’s not like the fuckers haven’t killed off a bunch of us without really trying!)

Look a little closer at ‘stop loss’ and the ‘left-handed draft’ created by the economic desert these fuckers are responsible for!

Now they have the chutzpah to return to the US and, er, ‘ask’ for ‘subsidies’?

You know what the definition of chutzpah is, don’t you?

It is when somebody murders their own parents them petitions the court for mercy because they are suddenly ‘orphaned’…

Same thing!

And, as I point out above, where do you suppose our ‘out of control’ politicians are going to fund these ‘subsidies’ from?

They will continue to ‘cannibalize’ what’s left of the social safety net…never once being asked to explain why a Chinese dollar will buy four times what an American dollar will yet one American dollar will still buy SIX Chinese dollars!


In the meantime, good citizen, all (except the mom & pop furniture maker at the bottom of the list) are all fortune one hundred companies that pay virtually zero taxes!

Um, dunno about the electronic company but you can bet their ‘parent company’ is globally ranked.

Which is to point out (AGAIN) that the individuals who run these companies ALREADY HAVE more than they can rationally spend…so we’re subsidizing them, why?

Oh how sad is it good citizen that I find myself ‘bitching’ when our overlords (having read the handwriting on the ‘energy wall’) are trying to sneak back into a market they cruelly abandoned decades ago?

Yeah that’s me…a crank who is never satisfied!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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