Monday, August 30, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Greetings good citizen,

Oh wouldn’t it be so much easier for those who run this country that yesterday were banished from our vocabulary?

Not yesterday specifically but the whole idea of ‘the past’.

You know if they could, they would…in a heartbeat.

It is a thought that redefines the term ‘waking nightmare’ and it’s more than a little disturbing it even occurred to me.

I bring this up because more than a couple of my, er, ‘fellow travelers’ (some of them would balk at being called ‘peers’.) Have pointed out the troubling disconnect between the market rising a hundred points while the GDP was slashed by…well, it guess it’s in ‘how’ you go about it. I use the rough number of fifty percent but the sites devoted to trading advice are saying thirty…I know I’m high but they are too low!

Which is to say the MSM, er, pretends that it (and therefore its readers) exist in the ‘perpetual now’.

Understandably, each news item exists as a separate entry; sort of floating in its own reality, what I refer to here is more diabolical. If they could ‘erase’ yesterday then today would be whatever they said it was because there would be no record of it.

And sometimes that’s just what the MSM comes across like…like yesterday didn’t happen.

Or in this case a whole bunch of yesterdays…roughly three years worth.

Which is to ask how you keep your head from exploding when (obviously clueless) pundits alternate between the ‘slow recovery’ meme and the overly optimistic ‘bright horizons’ cheerleading?

Maybe I should ask if three years has been ‘slow enough’ for ya?

How much ‘slower’ could it get?

Do you ‘feel bad’ for the pundits because the economy keeps making a liar out of them? (I don’t. They COULD try a novel idea, how about telling the fucking TRUTH for a change!)

I’ll spare you the ‘tirade’. You’ve heard it often enough already…

Okay, I’ll spare you THAT tirade…you already know I’m going to go off on something!

Hell, it’s my birthday…not that it has anything to do with any of this!


The ‘timebomb’ is ticking good citizen. The general public has been on the ‘wrong course’ for so long that ‘patience’ is drawing to an end.

People are sick of waiting for things to ‘turn around’.

Worse, guess who’s in the ‘crosshairs’?

It’s unfair to point the cannon only at the politicians, our corporate overlords have rightly earned their ‘share’ of the spotlight.

Equally as disturbing is how the, er, RWNM has been frantically pointing to the, er, ‘tolerant’ portion of the public as being the ‘cause’ of our wrecked economy. (If you don’t send your tax return in laced with a tablespoonful of Anthrax, you’re a gay marriage supportin’, tree-huggin’ ‘librul’!)

Ironically, where do you suppose we’ll find those tough talking, war supportin’, patriotic Murikan heroes when the shit hits the fan?

Hiding behind the nearest badge…that’s where!

It is truly amazing how the general public has failed to grasp that our current problems have their ‘source’ in the ‘Reagan Revolution’, which was the beginning of the end for America.

Worse, most think our problems are a simple ‘competence issue’…if only we had ‘qualified people’ in charge!

So good citizen, how many of you are up for ‘tap dancing on a land mine?’

If it is to be, it is up to Thee!

The people ARE the Law…something the overreaching need to be reminded of every now and then!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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