Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Illumination or obsfuscation?

Greetings good citizen,

It’s difficult to tell what’s more frightening, the lies or the fact that those in charge are the ones resorting to this tactic…

Today’s headlines proclaim that ‘increased industrial production’ is boosting the economy…

I combed the story thoroughly and found a deeply disturbing lack of specifics.

The article does not say ‘where’ this boost in industrial activity supposedly occurred nor does it tell us what ‘sectors’ (presumably plural) were involved.

How disturbing is it that my reports of the eminent breakdown of the social fabric are more credible and verifiable than their ‘allegations’ of ‘economic recovery’?

Okay, bad enough we have the bought and paid for MSM feeding us bullshit but then we have the deeply disturbing dis-information coming out of ‘high profile’ internet sites…

Don’t take my word for it good citizen, read the article (it is mercifully brief) and decide for yourself how ‘helpful’ it is…

[snark] I was just blown away by how this ‘simplified’ the whole de-flation issue [/snark]

In truth good citizen I’m still trying to figure out what this post has to do with what is essentially shrinking purchasing power…

In real terms, prices are indeed ‘falling’ but this is ‘invisible’ to you because your purchasing power is falling faster! (This matches the ‘reality’ you see with your own eyes!)

How these fools can launch into diatribes about money while ignoring money’s essential ‘meaninglessness’ is a conundrum.

It is another example of currency manipulation writ large!

The lack of consensus surrounding money is nearly as disturbing as the, er, ‘overlord’s’ need to lie to us.

It is a myth shrouded in an enigma…

And if you keep leaving it in your driveway, your karma is going to run over your dogma.

Which brings us to our next, er, exercise in perception management

We are told that the financial sector has greatly increased in importance. This is concentrated in the South East and we hear loud wails from its chieftains that huge wages and bonuses are necessary to attract the best and brightest of the world to extract more from our economy to bet on its products.

It seems to me that if you bring in a lot of people from elsewhere into the highest paid jobs in our economy somehow this will reduce opportunities for the native population (me, my family and my relatives). If their profits and incomes have the effect of reducing ours this will exacerbate the effect. We are less likely to stay free from debt or to accumulate capital or savings.

What Demetruis describes above are the very real consequences of the ‘Global Race to the Bottom’…a race that nobody ‘wins’.

But despair not good citizen! I’m a big fan of solutions; Demetrius submits the following:

The only way to deal with the present situation is to change the world as it is. There is not much chance of this in terms of growth. But we can no longer go back to the near past or any time when social mobility was greater. New means will be necessary or perhaps old ones with an ancient tradition.

I am thinking of establishing a war band in my own area and if I can persuade other war bands to accept my leadership as a Warlord we could be in business. What I can promise, for the survivors, is social mobility on a scale undreamed of in the recent past.

Anyone interested?

I got your back, buddy!

On a more sober note we have this post with which we can use to measure our progress towards becoming a full blown ‘Banana Republic’…

Oddly, coinciding with the Reagan revolution is the appearance of local cops wearing bullet-proof vests.

One need not defend oneself from an honest man…so what do bullet-proof vests tell us?

Once you’ve read the article it will be apparent why I singled this first disturbing development out.

If you’re a ‘chicken shit’ DON’T BE A COP!

Flipping that rock over, the incidents of police brutality have increased dramatically since body armor became ‘standard equipment’ for local law enforcement.

One can be sure the founders would have taken a particularly dim view of this disturbing development…but the founders have been dead for 200 years!

No irony should be lost on the fact that the fuckers who claim to speak for the founders are the same ones conspiring to strip you of your freedom!

In retrospect, Ben Franklin doesn’t come out looking too good regarding his comment on what the original Constitutional convention accomplished.

Did he know what he was implying when he said, ‘A Republic, if you can keep it!’

Was he referring to what all other nations modeled after this one have become?

How could he have known about ‘Banana Republics?’

With that mystery we conclude today’s offering.

Thanks for letting us inside your head,


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