Thursday, August 26, 2010

Head full of Nonsense

Greetings good citizen,

Is has been said that you can fill a man’s head quite full of nonsense and he is still capable of functioning adequately…

Such facts do not bode well for our current situation…

The markets continue to ‘circle the drain’ stubbornly refusing to sink below the ‘psychologically important’ 10,000 level.

Left to our imaginations is what is left in the US to support that kind of valuation? Is half of our 10,000 point Dow due to this being the home of both Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett?

What does the Dow at 10,000 mean?

Ironically, there isn’t ANY explanation for that…none.

How do you like it now?

If a pig is a pig and a duck is a duck then a buck should be a buck no matter where you go.

Yet the Japanese buck is only worth a penny US.

Why? Because Dirtbag says so!

Is that ‘disturbing’ good citizen? You bet it is!

Because ‘Dirtbag’ (who pulls this shit out of his backside) has also decided to repossess your house and cut-off your unemployment because he doesn’t NEED your services anymore!

What you are witnessing here good citizen is the ‘rule of man’ writ large. It don’t have to be logical nor does it have to make sense…are you looking for ‘fair’ in this mess? Don’t make them laugh!

Fair has nothing to do with it, it is the polar opposite of fair. This is hooray for me and fuck everybody else!

And if we don’t like it…

You know what you can do about it…

Is it any mystery why most modern judges have bodyguards?

Retribution is a terrible (albeit necessary) thing.

What you need to understand is both the ‘cheaper there’ and ‘the global race to the bottom’ are totally ‘artificial’.

So what are you going to do about it good citizen?
Because it won’t stop until YOU stop it.

You know it. I know it and more importantly, they know it.

How many of them will we bag ‘right away’ (when things reach critical mass’?)

Maybe ten percent…out of three hundred thousand, ten percent will be a pretty good haul.

How many will we bag total?

This is where I personally think the cheaters have seriously underestimated the public’s thirst for vengeance…I think the total catch will be in the 120 to 140 percent range!

Which is to say a lot of ‘technically innocent’ people are going to pay the price for going along to get along.

How many will ‘get away’?

One or two percent…max.

Why so high a capture rate? They aren’t nearly as ‘smart’ as they think they are.

Ironically, the ones who do ‘escape’ will be savvy enough to ‘blend in’.

What should bum these psychopaths out is the new government agencies will be on high alert for their variety of ‘anti social’ behavior for a real long time.

They will literally ‘unlearn’ their greedy ways. If they fail they will be exiled.

The fiendish part of exile is not being sent to a desolate location naked and alone…because it is unlikely you’ll be alone for a quite a while…

The truly devilish part is being sent to such a place and having people 'just like you' to rely on.

Naturally, all of these ‘rugged individuals’ will know better than any of the rest just how to take care of things in a limited resource environment.

What do you suppose the first order of business will be (for every one of them…)

Yup, making sure that ‘they’ have enough.

Make no mistake about it, if they’re ‘big/bad’ enough, they’re going to take what they want and fuck everyone else!

Just the kind of ‘survival situation’ you always wanted to be in…

This ‘game’ will get more diabolical as it progresses with the bottom line being he who can go the longest without sleep will probably win the day…not that certain ‘alliances’ aren’t possible.

It will be like today’s (considerably less than) ‘reality’ shows, you’ll never be sure who is conspiring with whom and in the end the only one you can trust is yourself.

Who do you trust when the pit is full of snakes?

That question doesn't have a good answer.

So, how many 'wannabes' will get themselves exiled?

That’s a whole different equation and it should ‘consume’ another 20 percent of the population…although that could be high due to the ‘sheep effect’…people who parrot conservative values if only to appear to be on the side that was ‘winning’.

They don’t really care one way or the other…and it’s hard to decide if this isn’t worse than diehard conservatism because it is the pinnacle of stupidity.

Not that being stupid is a crime.

It’s the ‘moral ambivalence’ part of the puzzle that most of us would find reprehensible. This brand of ‘allegianceless neutrality’ is how we ended up in the shit in the first place!

Stupid may not be a crime but ‘I don’t care’ is definitely a ‘sin’…

Until recently, most of us were guilty of being ‘uncaring’. Funny how having the rug pulled out from under you can force you to re-examine your priorities…

People are starting to wonder what can be done about our badly broken political process and how to effect meaningful change.

If we don’t do something and do it quick, it may be too late.

It’s gonna be a real bitch when you can’t venture beyond your own doorstep without a white flag in your mitt.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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