Thursday, August 12, 2010

Creeping Death

Greetings good citizen,

Once again the headlines don’t quite jive with what’s happening in the markets. Yes, the markets are in negative territory, but not nearly as negative as yesterday…

Worse is today’s headline that asks if the (thus far invisible) ‘recovery’ has succumbed to a global economic ‘slowdown’. Yesterday’s import figures tell a rather different tale.

OUR imports are still quite robust! The damning part of this equation is how the trade deficit can persist at roughly $50 billion dollars while most of us are flat broke?

What are retailers thinking?

Understand that retailers KNOW we’re broke, why are they re-stocking their shelves, or more perplexingly, where do they think demand is going to come from…

Naturally, we could be seeing something else entirely, How much of this uptick in imports is due to price increases, the same factor driving profits while payroll/the amount of money circulating through the economy dwindles.

More disturbing is the trend of passing off heavily massaged data, produced by ‘creative accounting’ as economic fact when nothing at all has been done to alleviate the pervasive economic imbalances that plague both the domestic as well as the global economies.

What’s really pissing people off is unemployment is stuck at 10+ percent while we import billions of dollars worth of shit we (were) perfectly capable of making for ourselves!

I say ‘were’ because the equipment necessary to make the junk we now import was either exported with the jobs or it was scrapped…so we couldn’t make this shit for ourselves if we had to.

Sweet arrangement for the capitalist (as it insures we have to buy from them) but as you can see, it sucks for the rest of us!

In my travels today I observed the most damning indictment of the Obama administration to date.

Talk about icing on the cake, this goes all the way back to the president nobody remembers voting for as well as explaining why the past three administrations ‘sleepwalked’ through their dual term presidencies.

We are witnessing the consequences of what happens when we allow the ‘unaccountable’ to make decisions in our name without ever consulting us.

What’s the point of voting when both ‘sides’ take their marching orders from the same oligarchs?

Sadly good citizen, the only ‘option’ left to us is to wipe the slate clean and start over with a new, different way…a way where you aren’t left wondering ‘how the hell did THAT happen?’

In a world where the media isn’t beholden to advertisers for support, the ‘noise machine’ will quickly shrivel and die.

That world good citizen is the world of ‘A Simple Plan’.

Today’s offering will include a hint regarding where to find a copy of ‘A Simple Plan’, part of the reason for creating this site was the plan kept ‘disappearing’ when I posted it as a document on Conceptual Guerilla.

It’s August now and I haven’t seen any new posts or activity over there…(Joe was supposed to be back in July…oh well!)

So the ‘hint’ is that the copy of ‘A Simple Plan’ is among the first posts made to this site. Simply go to the beginning archives of this blog and one of the posts is titled…well, you can read.

Um, the ‘shit’ is getting more bizarre with each passing day.

You’d be a fool not to recognize this as ‘the beginning of the end’

The world as you know it is about to disappear, never to be seen again.

I say ‘good riddance’ but I lament in advance the needless suffering and heartache this transition will inflict upon mankind.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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