Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hang 'em High!

Greetings good citizen,

In yet another conundrum the US is following the European markets into the toilet, the Dow is down almost 200 points at the lunch hour here on the East Coast.

Uncharacteristically, there are no ‘explanatory articles’ accompanying this, er, dive. Perhaps we are supposed to ‘figure it out for ourselves’ for a change…

There was mention of ‘worse than expected’ unemployment data but who would be ‘surprised’ by that? It’s the third friggin’ year of the (latest) downturn, truth be told, we haven’t ‘recovered’ from the market crash of the early 1980’s!

There’s a lot of truth in the remark, ‘been down so long it looks like up to me!’

Perhaps more disturbingly is the fact we’ve been ‘mis-lead’ for so long that we don’t remember there used to be a time when things actually worked/made sense.

Why is it ‘nobody’ can figure out what’s ‘wrong’ with our economy?

Are our elected officials REALLY that stupid?

More disturbing is the opposite…is the general populace of this country really that far gone?

Are you people so ‘mesmerized’ that you can’t see what’s right in front of your eyes?

Have you been so distracted by the ‘uncompetitive’ meme that you’ve lost sight of the ‘real’ wealth of nations?



Worse, you have been SOLD OUT (which is TREASON) by the very people you elected to ‘protect’ you!

Isn’t it odd that you never see the T-word used by the MSM? You know why that is, don’t you? It is because every school child knows that the penalty for treason is death by hanging!

The ‘fine line’ here is who was ‘following orders’ and who was giving them?

The MSM is just as ‘guilty’ as the politicians they were supposed to be covering…should we hang them as well?

I suspect everybody who had a hand in deciding what is and isn’t ‘newsworthy’ should swing.

Not that all journalists are, er, ‘innocent’.

But I digress, let us return to the matter at hand.

How do you ‘fix’ the economy?

I got bad news for you people, the lying, cheating bastards responsible for this train wreck isn’t going to be fixed if you leave it up to them!

What was the ‘cause’ of the now huge ‘economic desert’ the fuckers have created?

The ‘global race to the bottom’ where ‘everybody’ was going to benefit…and we’re all seeing how well that worked out…not!

As far as these assholes are concerned neither you or your kids WILL EVER WORK AGAIN! (And it’s not their friggin’ problem! It’s yours!)

Can’t afford what they’re selling? Tough, the people they ‘sold’ your job to can…sort of redefines the term ‘win-win’ doesn’t it?

What can we do about this?

First things first, there has to be a whole bunch of hangings…which doesn’t sit well with peaceful, law-abiding folk. So we have to skip to a ‘more humane’ way of clearing the decks of our deeply corrupt society.


Prison is ineffective; the best possible outcome of a prison term is to keep the offender locked up long enough so they lose their vitality.

Exile is a ‘one way’ solution.

You may survive but you most likely won’t, especially if you think you don’t need anybody.

This is the ‘special hell’ reserved for the self-important.

But I digress; we have an economy to fix.

Let’s suppose we’ve ‘cleared the decks’ (well enough so we can start moving forward.)

What’s the first ‘roadblock’ to full employment?

Which is another way of asking why doesn’t everybody capable of working, work?

Do you know the answer to this puzzle?

It’s as simple as the guy cutting the paychecks ‘pockets’ the difference between what he pays his employees and what he can get for the products those employees produce for him…it is not in his ‘interest’ to have one more employee than his sales will support!

Well, guess what? Commerce isn’t about him…or his fucking shit weasel ‘shareowners’ either!

Have you noticed how the word ‘own’ has been slowly removed from the common speech? We don’t have ‘shareowners’ anymore; they are called ‘shareholders’.

Well, eradicating the word while re-enforcing the principle is a farce at best but sadly good citizen the ‘joke’ has been on you!

So, ‘eliminating’ the owner opens the door to something we should have enjoyed all along…full employment.

No longer the ‘president/CEO’, the ‘manager’ of any given enterprise will more closely resemble any other ‘worker’…their compensation will consist of a paycheck (and that’s the end of that shit!)

More interestingly, ‘resources’ will return to their ‘original’ state…which is to say they will be ‘free’. Are you going to be able to ‘help yourself’ to whatever you want?

It would play hell with the supply chain (and win you an express trip to exile) if you did. So then, like now; ‘free’ would not imply ‘free to you’.

The ‘new’ average individual would understand this, the unenlightened pinhead would most likely already be ‘dancing with the Gila monsters’. Funny how their reputations would precede them…(a word of warning for those who would heed it…)

Even with, er, ‘profit free’ commerce we would still be unable to produce ‘everything’ with domestically available inputs. There is a ‘reason’ for global trade…ironically caffeine and nicotine are chief among those reasons…

Here is another curious ‘by-product’ of ‘free resources’, there would no longer be any ‘need’ to tax. Better, there would also be a different mechanism to ‘drain the swamp’ so the corrupt couldn’t accumulate pools of money to buy off non-existent politicians with.

Six ways to Sunday my friends, you have to close ALL the ports!

That’s why ‘money’ won’t be transferable between individuals…YOU won’t be able to give anybody a single penny.

No cash, none whatsoever!

Stick ‘em up!

To which the response would be ‘now what’? You don’t have any cash to surrender nor can you get any…there’s no way the thief can tap your account and you can’t transfer funds to them either…so what’s the point?

The worst that can happen is the thief can force you at gunpoint to use your credit to buy him/her something…and it better be something wicked good because theft is ‘rewarded’ with ‘instant exile’.

Are you going to dime that bastard out? You bet your ass you are! They’ll never bother you again.

It just keeps getting better.

But again I digress!

Things would be ‘radically different’ if we simply altered the focus of commerce from the benefit of the owners to the benefit of society.

The greedy few have ripped us off for so long they should be marched wholesale into the wastelands so they can all rot together!

A ‘trial’ is reserved for cases where ‘A shadow of doubt’ exists, otherwise ‘nominal ownership’ is an instant conviction.

There is a widely held fallacy that owners ‘create’ jobs, this is untrue. Need creates demand and demand creates jobs…the only thing the owner does is corral market share (‘services’ demand.)

If ‘customers’ are compensated well enough, demand will be sufficient to keep all workers busy (and thereby paid!)

Poverty is everywhere a ‘management’ issue. If poverty exists at all, commerce is being mis-managed.

Understand the single factor driving high unemployment is employer greed. The employer wants profits, even if they don’t spend them!

It should blow all of your minds that some people in this world are billionaires! That they have somehow been allowed to accumulate thousands of millions of , er, funds while ordinary people are committing suicide because they can’t pay their (artificial) debts.

Where did that money come from?

It came from lower prices you never saw and pay increases you never got!

Should we hang those suckers too?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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