Monday, August 9, 2010

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Greetings good citizen,

I have long been predicting things will go to ‘hell in a bucket’ and when the breakers are hit, they’ll do it quick!

Well, I’m not the only one who ‘sees’ it going down this way but I digress. I usually report on the news as I encounter it and the first story to whack me between the eyes was this piece from today’s NY Times.

Should Food Be a Right for the Poor?

Should you click through you will observe that the original text reads ‘India Asks’ and guess who the ‘villain’ is in this story?

Yup, it’s the same asshole it always is, the ‘lender’.

Just an ‘opinion’ here but I think all ‘lenders’ should be put out of business! They merely enable producers to reap outsized profits beyond what the market will bear…

Just another way our ‘good buddies’ the shiftless capitalists keep you pinned to the ground!

The long and the short of it good citizen, if you’re too deep in debt the only thing you can ‘cut back’ on is food, thus is the ‘cheaper there’ starving to death.

Did I mention capitalism sucks? (I know I’ve pointed this out in the past but I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned it today, at least not to you.)

It is this predatory ‘fuck you, pay me’ bullshit that provides ‘cover’ for the massive mis-management of our civilization, the raping of the many for the benefit of the few.

So good citizen, SHOULD food be a ‘right’? Under a well-managed society it would not only be a ‘right’ , it would also be a benchmark! But that’s not how it works under the ‘fuck you, pay me’ system!

You’re only ‘entitled’ to what you can ‘pay for’ (even though the bounty of the planet is ‘free’ to the ‘owner’, lucky him/her!) Did I mention mis-management? Does anyone else see how warped and twisted our legal system is? Shouldn’t all of these weasels be swinging from the nearest utility pole?

Just saying, you know?

Which brings me to the other ‘semantics issue’ where many pixels are being sacrificed needlessly to make a moot point the ‘end result’ is IDENTICAL whether they print tons or make ‘multiple claims upon the same underlying assets’. A ‘loss of faith’ in the value of currency leaves you just as ‘fucked’ whether it’s from overprinting or an extreme loss of purchasing power.

Which brings us to the next article which reveals more of Mr. Williams’ point rather than quibbling over semantics, read Mr. William’s ‘prediction’ at the end of this Cryptogon post…

Most disturbing here, good citizen, is why all of the indicators are pointing to a ‘crack up boom’?

You can find the ‘short answer’ here in what Jesse calls the world’s ‘second oldest profession’…perhaps better known as the ‘true sport of kings’ (the bastardization of ‘representative wealth’ [money and money-like instruments])

You’d think they’d smarten up after the first few dozen ‘Regicides’ but no, the monkeys are still at it, sticking it to society for as long as they can get away with it.

Guess who is the most ‘shocked’ when what they’ve done all of their lives is no longer tolerated?

Yeah, them!

The big picture is much more disturbing than the ‘inflation/deflation’ debate as ‘worthless is worthless’ no matter how you got there!

Whiskey and gunpowder my friends, invest in ‘tradeables’ (and I don’t mean ‘Beanie Babies!’)

A reliable source of lead will be worth far more than gold because the lead will keep you alive and free.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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