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The Seeds of Revolution...

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I made a comment yesterday about the markets rising despite GDP dropping like a rock and today I’m a little surprised to see I’m not the only one to pick up on this.

My ‘out take’ yesterday was from the MSM and that too centered on the, er, ‘contrary’ opinion that our economy, three years gone, was NOT in ‘recovery’.

I said nothing about the, er, ‘assurance’ given by Bumbolini Bernanke that he stood ready to ‘step in and save the economy’, he’s out of bullets and ‘wiggle room’…all he can do now is jawbone! Perhaps he can sprinkle more ‘magic confetti’ where it is likely to do more harm than good.

For lack of a more visible/viable target, the pundits pointed to Bumbolini’s empty rhetoric as the cause of the ‘fake rally’.

Investors ‘took heart’ (because they obviously have no brains!)

But I digress…

My ‘point’ (and I do occasionally have one!) is that the ‘consensus’ is building that not only is there something very wrong with this picture BUT the claims that ‘nobody knows what it is’ are also bullshit!

Too bad we can’t expedite the process…

The pundits continue to point to the ‘symptoms’ while they pretend to be ignorant of their cause…

Well, most of know what the problem is without being told, hell, most of us have been living with the very real ‘consequences’ of globalization for decades now.

Yet ‘the crisis’ remains an enigma…

I stumbled upon this item this morning that provides a very good overview as to why ‘ignorance’ remains at epidemic levels.

The Kochtopus
August 28th, 2010

Polemical essays can be worth reading, as long as one understands that the author’s goal is to push his or her rat poison, by showing you how bad that rat poison is. With this caveat in mind, you’re all set to feast on the tidy reality offered by a strongly polemical piece.

I learned more about the Koch syndicate from The New Yorker article below than I had gathered previously, in bits and pieces.

Is the Kochtopus insidious? Sure. But in this huge piece, here is the sum total of material related to the corporate fascists backing the Obama regime:

Of course, Democrats give money, too. Their most prominent donor, the financier George Soros, runs a foundation, the Open Society Institute, that has spent as much as a hundred million dollars a year in America. Soros has also made generous private contributions to various Democratic campaigns, including Obama’s. But Michael Vachon, his spokesman, argued that Soros’s giving is transparent, and that “none of his contributions are in the service of his own economic interests.”

The Soros spokesman is a great source to go to for anything approaching an objective perspective. Pfft. Ok.

The number of times Goldman Sachs is mentioned? Zero.

The number of times Monsanto is mentioned? Zero.

The number of times the Obama regime’s revolving door is mentioned? Zero.

The number of times Obama’s continuation and expansion of diabolical Bush policies into a fascist “new normal” in America is mentioned? Zero.

The number of times the fact that America continues to implode with a Democratic President and with Democrats in control of Congress? Zero.

How many other lies by omission does the piece contain? I got tired of counting after the ones I’ve listed above.

If the Democrats are the solution to the Kochtopus, the U.S. is far more screwed than even I believed possible. The Tea Party is the 2010, 180 degrees out of phase version of Hope and Change. Whether your cabin is on the port or the starboard side of the Ship of Fools, the destination is the same; oblivion. I don’t know what it will take to get the shit for brains Left and the shit for brains Right to understand that billionaires, and the governments that serve them, don’t have their best interests in mind. But, until that basic law of the universe is understood, there’s always the next election… *sigh* Good luck with that.

You have to hand it to Crypto, he saw the writing on the wall and got the hell out of Dodge! Not that there is really anywhere you can hide.

Similarly, Joe Bageant did likewise (although he took the ‘simpler’ route, following the path of least resistance. Most English speaking nations aren’t as ‘open’ as Banana Republics tend to be.)
That in itself is somewhat disturbing, that the most ‘straight-forward’ and clear headed commentary you can find comes from ex-pats.

Maybe I should take a page out of their book…

Although if I ‘vanish’ it will coincide with a noticeable uptick in ‘civil unrest.’ Unrest that will be put down using ‘unusually harsh’ measures…with a number of fatalities on both sides.

That day is probably even closer than I think. I have no good way to tell for sure.

I have been cautioning you all for a long time to ‘prepare’, if you can’t spare the cash to stockpile then you must educate yourself on what wild edibles are available locally and scope out what is nearby.

Sounds foolish to keep saying ‘the time is coming’ but that’s what the writing on the wall says. Worse, when it comes, it will hit like an earthquake, then there is no time to prepare!

All things being even, 99% of ‘preparedness’ is planning, knowing what you are going to do and how you’re going to go about it.

Still I drift from topic to topic!

This is supposed to be a ‘big picture’ piece yet it is difficult to sort the pertinent facts from the useless babbling of the psycho-pundits.

While Crypto tries to share with us a tiny fraction of the ‘what they don’t say’ puzzle, be aware this is something you need to be on top of every day.

You get more information by asking ‘why are they telling us this’ than from what they actually say.

When what passes for the truth varies too greatly from your own experience, the seeds of revolution are sown…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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