Monday, August 23, 2010

Breaking Bad

Greetings good citizen,

It’s one thing for me (of the ‘non-mainstream ideas’) to say it but quite another to see the big boys taking up the same Battle Cry

That said, it is very likely you’ve been thinking along the same lines that this headline declares:

The Economy Is Getting Worse and Worse -- And No One's Doing a Thing About It
The economy is already down, and it can go lower. And no one seems willing to fix it.

Um, as you can see it is a two-part question that appears to call into question the ‘competence’ of our leaders.

Naturally, is there anything our leaders can do to fix the economy? Bizarrely, they are the only ones capable of restoring ‘balance’ to global trade. Which is to point out our problems are ‘legal’ more so then mechanical…at least for the moment.

Of course, our ‘lawmakers’ are dithering around, pretending that some segment of the population is opposed to taking necessary action to rebalance the economy.

Ironically, those opposed to restoring ‘general prosperity’ are the same tiny minority that benefits from the rapacious exploitation of cheaper labor pools due to currency manipulation.

Worse, they are also the largest contributors to political campaigns, bare none! These people single handedly keep K Street in business.

Which brings us full circle to the treason argument…and the real mystery of why nobody is prosecuted for this blatant crime?

There is no ‘dancing between the cracks’ here good citizen. Our elected representatives ARE ‘selling their votes’ for personal gain and that my friends is treason.

Worse, it doesn’t matter what letter comes after their name, D’s are just as guilty as R’s.

This line of questioning inevitably leads in the disturbing direction of ‘What should we do about our badly broken political system?’

Is there anything that CAN be done?


Which is to say ‘repair’ is neither possible nor desirable. All of the pieces of the current system are corrupt, using even a tiny bit of the old system contaminates the replacement.

NOBODY has faith in the system the founders set in place, even the most ardent (self –professed) ‘patriots’ know it is corrupt beyond belief.

The only reason it hasn’t been abandoned already is due to the corruption. Those who benefit from it wouldn’t have it any other way!

Worse, the more corrupt it gets the more ‘profitable’ it is for the, er, supporters.

Thus, A Simple Plan.

We would no longer have ‘politicians’ seeking to sell their vote, the entire lawmaking process would be removed from the influence of, er, ‘private parties.’

There would be no more legislators that could ‘exempt’ themselves (or anyone else) from the law.

Here’s a novel concept…those charged with upholding the law would be themselves be subject to the same laws!

Which is to say ‘politics as usual’ would cease.

It would no longer be possible to sell your vote because it takes a lot more than your vote or that of all of your friends to influence the outcome…because we would ALL vote directly on the law.

The only way to eliminate corruption is to make the stakes too high. You can bribe a handful of people but it gets mighty pricey when the number for ‘assured success’ starts getting up into the tens of millions.

We would no longer have ‘elected’ politicians, we would have leaders who have proven themselves as the best people for the job through an open competition.

The big difference is these leaders would be no different than anyone else as far as the law was concerned. They would have no power to alter or even suspend the laws; it’s not their job.

Better, it would not be within their power to enter into ‘trade agreements’ that decimate the natural balance of commerce that is crucial for a prosperous society.

And, of course, under A Simple Plan ‘profit’ would be redefined as the benefit reaped by society rather than the dollars funneled into an owner’s pocket.

That’s the part of this puzzle that should have you all howling mad!
Our economy was ‘broken’ by greedy shit weasels that ALEADY HAD more money than they knew what to do with!

They already had more money than they could spend and these selfish fucks STILL destroyed our economy so they could screw their employees out of their Social Security checks!

What say you good citizen? Will we run out of rope or will we run out of lamp posts first?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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