Saturday, August 14, 2010

Failure to Plan...

Greetings good citizen,

After opening lower the stock market has returned to positive territory (again, for no discernable reason.) Perhaps more striking are the headlines of the NY Times today where a ‘breakthrough’ on Alzheimer’s research trumped what everybody already knows, that the economy is sucking pond water.

As most of us are aware, this latest ‘downturn’ is merely a continuation of something that started shortly after Reagan took office, a sort of ‘perpetual’ rolling recession. It all started with the ‘churning’ of the workforce as employers ‘re-educated’ their workers in the ‘value’ of loyalty.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a writer (although not so much as a blogger) it is to resist leaving a piece and returning to it later.

Picking up an unfinished work leaves a, er, ‘bump’ in the structure of the piece itself. It starts with one train of thought then takes an unexplained ‘turn’ as it launches you down another.

I mention this because I did ‘start’ a post for yesterday but I didn’t finish it as evidenced by the fact that the markets closed in negative territory yesterday…not that it matters.

So, rather than abandon yesterday’s piece I decided to trim it a little and add another perspective, altering where I was headed with yesterday’s post.

(In the period between, er, civilizations I am attempting to clarify the advantages of A Simple Plan so the concepts can become more generally accepted than the crazy ideas that hold sway today.)

Understand good citizen, it is not ‘bad luck’ that has resulted in centuries of human suffering, it is ‘batshit whacko’ leadership that is largely responsible!

It is NOT POSSIBLE to have normal functions at the base of the organization when the ‘tip of the spear’ doesn’t know what direction ‘forward’ lies.

Some people ‘get it’, which brings us to tonight’s offering that points to the error of logic that is committed when we ‘assume’ those in charge ‘have a plan’.

There is no plan to ‘rescue’ the larger economy. In the end the whole ‘globalization thing’ wasn’t about lower prices, it was all about higher margins and lower wages.

If the economy shrank, so what? The cocksuckers who cemented their control over the market place ALREADY HAD more money than they could spend! If they ‘short-circuited’ the processes of the democratically elected governments of the world, what of it?

Money rules my friends and let the damn bodies hit the floor! (As long as it isn’t THEIR bodies…although they know they play a very dangerous game!)

Worse good citizen, things didn’t get as bad as they are today ‘by accident’. These events were set in motion over the dead bodies of the ‘old guard’.

Funny how things progress when ‘opposition’ gets ‘eliminated’; those who control the media use that control to sweep their, er, ‘machinations’ under the rug. Notice how ‘vague’ most obituaries have become. It wouldn’t do to have the public asking too many uncomfortable questions…

But I digress, somewhat.

The central point is recognition of where the ‘threat’ lies but it is also important to lay out the ‘scope’ of the threat.

The government you were taught about in school no longer exists…worse, the institutions intended to ‘safeguard’ the operation of our government have failed.

As the realization that our government has been hijacked spreads we remain powerless to do anything about this turn of events because those who ‘hold’ power ALWAYS have the law on THEIR side.

Yes Bub; that means exactly what you think it means…if they decide to lock you up, protest all you want, you’re getting locked up!

Se habla ‘enemy combatant’?

Understand there wasn’t any such thing until this most recent band of criminals decided they needed the ability to make people ‘disappear’ behind something sturdier than the cloak of ‘national security’.

Like money itself, ‘enemy combatant’ isn’t well defined…it certainly isn’t defined well enough for you to be able to deny being one if they accuse you…

If you aren’t afraid good citizen you should be. Just because the shadow of suspicion hasn’t yet fallen upon you doesn’t mean it isn’t going to.

And when it does it will be too late.

What should be increasingly clear to everyone reading this the term ‘accountability’ has ceased to mean anything. Those who have seized power are not accountable to anyone, well, almost anyone. There are ‘ringleaders’…and these ringleaders have, er, ‘operatives’ at their command. It is the operative’s job to insure that nobody gets too far out of line or strays too far from the established agenda…

An agenda-- trust me, NONE of us voted for.

Here I speak of ‘fiat accompli’, not that I can ‘prove’ a word of it. You will have to use your own judgement to assess the validity of this ‘speculation’.

Not that this admission makes you any less a…’subject’ of a ‘rogue’ government.

The question, as always is ‘what are you going to do about it?’

This brings us full circle to A Simple Plan. One of many ‘alternatives’ and the only ‘holistic’ solution I am aware of.

There certainly isn’t a shortage of half-baked, ill-conceived or ‘fantasy based’ solutions…in fact there are far too many, most of them circulated by people who don’t want anything to change!

They want you to believe what we have is ‘as good as it gets’ and can’t be improved upon.

Were that true good citizen, we’d be extinct already!

Where is the problem good citizen? Is the problem with the people? Oddly, this is what the status quo would have you believe; that the problem is ‘insoluble’ because it is human nature to be ‘greedy’.

Sounds ‘reasonable’, doesn’t it?

Can you ‘solve’ this problem?

If so, how?

You ‘solve’ the greed problem by outlawing ‘ownership’ (it’s the stupidest idea ever and the foundation of all grief…yet the first thing a Libertarian (who only champions ‘liberty’ for themselves, fuck you!) will ask is if you ‘own’ yourself?

Guess what, you DON’T!

What ‘numbnuts’ is asking is if you’re ‘free’ to do what you want with your life and the answer is a definite NO.

That merciless task master Mother Nature has a long list of things you MUST attend to or you will perish…so how ‘free’ are you now?

Understand, Mother Nature OWNS you (and the only way you can wriggle free is to STEAL freedom from others.

That’s what the fucking ‘Libertarians’ won’t admit to you. They are no better than the Capitalists when it comes to ‘slaving’. If there are going to be slaves, they have both set themselves up to be ‘masters’.

How does ‘outlawing’ ownership solve the greed problem? If you can’t ‘own’ something you can’t ‘sell’ it, it can only be shared.

So we arrive at the next ‘dirtbag’ protest, Why should I do anything if there’s nothing in it for me?

Get cold enough and you’ll build a fire (or go looking for one if you’re a real useless scuzball.)

Same thing if you get hungry. You know food isn’t trying to find you so you’re going to have to go find it. And when you’ve found it, guess what? You’re ‘rewarded’!

There is ‘something in it for you’ after all, but it takes ‘doing’.

And this is something neither the Libby nor the Capitalist wants to do, they want you to do it for them!

So, does our ‘solution’ lie in money or does it lie in ‘appeasement’? No, the solution lies in the law! In order for the problem to remain ‘solved’ we need to keep the law beyond the reach of the sleazy and the shiftless…in short, the ones looking for an ‘easy out’.

In fact, we need to give them an ‘easy out’ (it’s just not the one they have in mind.)

Those unwilling to do their share of grunting and sweating need to be ‘accommodated’ and A Simple Plan accommodates them!

It does so by providing them with a place where they can be ‘on their own’ (to reap the full benefit of their laziness.)

Here’s a bizarre thought for most of you. How did the law (and, by extension, the justice system) get so screwed up?

Easy! It happens when the ‘average’ person loses their direct control over their life. This is what happens when you have a system that supports ‘professional’ lawmakers.

You’re, er, commanded to follow the laws decreed by these, er, idiots without ever being consulted and that’s just about a ‘wrong’ as it can get.

NOBODY should be expected to live under laws that they find objectionable.
It never ceases to amaze me that for all of the cries of ‘liberty’ out there it seems nobody has a clue what tyranny is!

More to the point, is it necessary to have ‘full time’ lawmakers?

That particular question pretty much answers itself as most of these slackers do nothing for many multiples of two or four years.

So, to ‘safeguard’ society the law must reside where no individual or group can touch it. The only group capable of altering the laws is the ENTIRE group that must live under them!

See, problem solved!

Money is a legal construct and, misused, can do far more harm than good.

This re-enforces the concept that our social problems all lie within the laws and how those laws are made/administered.

The people make the laws and by doing that, ALL of the people have the responsibility to enforce the laws.

You don’t need to defend yourself from an honest man good citizen, only a scoundrel wants to disarm you.

I’m all right, you’re all right is a legal concept as old as time itself, it shouldn’t be abandoned.

Time to give it a rest.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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