Friday, August 20, 2010

Anybody's Game...

Greetings good citizen,

The markets tanked yesterday and they’re tanking again today…because Asian markets (which had a positive close yesterday) followed European and US markets today! (Now our markets are ‘following’ the Asian lead…argh!)

How long do you think it will take before those shares become ‘bargains’ again?

Honestly good citizen is there any reason in the world for the Dow to be over 600? (And maybe that’s too generous…)

If you really want to ‘blow your mind’ have a look at the other ‘markets’ in the world and try to figure out how traders arrived at their ‘value’.

It don’t make any fucking sense!

Why doesn’t it make any sense? Because everything is ‘marked to fantasy!’

Our ‘world’ has become an accountant’s nightmare…but this isn’t just an accountant’s dilemma.

You who toil for payment are at a decided disadvantage due to the ‘floating’ nature of moola! Since you never get ‘more than you bargained for’ the opposite result prevails.

Why are YOU always scrambling for a (fill in the blank)? It is mostly because you don’t have an ‘income stream’ at your command. Cock-eyed capitalists would call your paycheck your ‘income stream’ but you don’t have any control over that, the capitalist does!

The capitalist controls their income stream, you can’t!

Ya know, every time I point something like this out it probably dawns on you that since capitalism is the only game in town, maybe it would be better to join ‘em than to remain a ‘paycheck peasant’…

Here’s another ‘bitch slap’ for you, what keeps capitalism chugging along is all of the ‘wannabes’, busting their ass to get the necessary ‘leg up’ it takes so they can make the leap from employee to employer…

This is damn near impossible under the best of circumstances and positively suicidal during an economic contraction like we are currently experiencing.

But this brings us back to the reason ‘capitalist utopia’ doesn’t (and can’t) exist.

There isn’t enough ‘market share’ to support all of the ‘would be’ owners.

Bizarrely, ‘spirit in the sky’ can’t fix this problem so you’ll just have to trust in s/he/its desire to make sure YOU prosper! (Fuck everybody else! Spirit in the Sky loves you, you and only YOU!)

This is a perfect example of how badly ‘damaged’ the capitalist mind is…and, as CK Michaelson asks today, ‘we let these people vote?’

This is not to accuse ALL of the faithful as being ‘demented’ so much as their judgement is questionable considering this need to believe in the, er, ‘supernatural’…which isn’t actually very ‘natural’ at all.

Which is to say I cannot wrap my head around ‘eternal bliss’ any more than I can conceive of ‘unending torment’ (considering ‘normal’ is what happens ‘all the time’.)

A red-hot poker up your backside, ‘all the time’ would eventually become ‘normal’.

This is just a little rift on another concept most of us would have a difficult time with…’eternity’.

Don’t go there.

Stop already!

No irony should be lost on the fact that mankind’s, er, ‘affinity for self-delusion’ has caused some people to conclude that our species is ‘unsalvageable’.

What’s really funny is this all boils down to crazy people calling the rest of us crazy!

Who’s right? It doesn’t matter.

The ‘true’ crazy people are going to go down with this train wreck, those of us who believe the situation is ‘salvageable’ will move forward.

Naturally, there will be more than one camp moving forward, each of them convinced they know what’s best for the future of mankind.

Worse, every one of them is willing to fight for their ‘beliefs’.

(This too has led many to conclude that our species isn’t worth saving…but then you have your idiots like me, those possessed of that ‘other kind’ of faith.)

Which is not to say that we shouldn’t fight for what we believe.

Not everybody who ‘survives’ the coming disaster and the subsequent ‘purge’ that will inevitably follow has mankind’s best interests at heart.

Which is to point out that the monster who seeks to enslave us all will never be slain, despite the ‘ferocity’ of the purge!

This is why A Simple Plan has many ‘safeguards’ built in to protect the citizen from the machinations of the ‘self-interested’ (those who would put their own interests ahead of those of society…that same monster that wants the rest of us to work for them and not for ourselves.)

Society, by nature, is ‘socialist’ and we are social creatures.

We all do better ‘co-operating’; competing only succeeds in ‘looting the planet’ for personal gain.

Take heart good citizen, the day is approaching when the ‘reset button’ will be hit and then its anybody’s game!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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