Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long live the King!

Greetings good citizen,

Three sites focused on the conservative ‘attack’ on Social Security today while a forth warned of the ‘Hive Mind’ in an entirely separate issue.

Is social security ‘in peril’, good citizen?

The government benefits program has, as we all know, been severely mismanaged but it isn’t anything a couple of tweaks couldn’t put right…

However, the ‘genuine’ security of society hasn’t been more perilous since the Dark Ages.

(There is very good reason to turn the social clock backward a thousand years for our comparison. Government, without our consent, has already re-established monarchy. The new ‘Royals’ are just itching to reveal themselves to us good citizen but they know this would be suicide. The deeply disappointing Obama administration is obviously a ‘puppet government’ taking its orders from a master other than the one that elected it.)

Which brings us back to the issue of the government program and the ‘political will’ to fix it…

Obviously Social Security would be ‘scrapped’ out of hand if it weren’t for the massive social upheaval such an, er, ‘edict’ would create.

Which is the ‘good news’…the fuckers still fear us, as well they should.

Since the ‘political will’ to fix social security DOESN’T exist we are left with the only remaining alternative…it won’t be fixed.

Sidebar: Please make a mental note to think in terms of ‘us vs. them’ because that’s what we’re up against.

If you have a problem with why the, er, ‘owner’ class would resent/fear the laboring classes, you need to study history, especially the ‘revolutionary’ parts, more closely…

The ONLY difference between a modern ‘wage slave’ and the traditional ‘bill of sale’ type is the property owner was obliged to care for you…the wage slaver only captures the ‘useful’ part of your life, the rest is all yours!

However, it does provide us with interesting window as to how ‘justifiable homicide’ came to disappear from common law.

If you were going to treat people the way they treat us, you’d want to make sure that all murder was illegal.

There’s probably be a lot of criminal cases that would have been decided differently if the jury were allowed to consider whether or not the victim ‘had it coming’.

Mind numbing to think that revolution and murder are (relatively) rare events…

Just saying, ya know?

Of more immediate concern is whether or not anything even remotely resembling civilization will survive the return of monarchy.

Understand that the return of the king automatically ‘extinguishes’ your property rights. In fact it pretty much throws the entire Constitution right out the window…including the All men were created ‘equal’ clause originally used to defeat monarchy.

You may not feel any different but you had better believe you’ve been knocked down several pegs as far as your legal standing is concerned.

It will be amusing to watch the shit weasels scrambling as they try to figure out who they need to bow to…(kings never work alone.)

It is probably equally as ‘amusing’ to most of you reading this, thinking to yourself, “This guy is cracked, if somebody had named themselves King we’d all know it by now!”

But would we?

Put yourself in His Majesty’s position, how anxious would you be to paint a bull’s eye on your back, especially in light of all of the ‘unpopular’ changes you have planned for the peasants?

Heavy is the head that wears the crown! The king ‘may’ make himself known AFTER he has restored ‘proper proportion’ to the kingdom…

That’s code for killed off most of the ‘surplus’ peasants.

Poor men want to be rich and rich men want to be king…

So it was, so it shall ever be!

Until we adopt a system that prevents ANYONE from seizing power…

A Simple Plan is just such a system.

It always struck me as peculiar that our education system has consistently failed to point out the disturbing similarities between monarchy and capitalism.

The ‘head’ of a company is called the ‘president’ but s/he isn’t elected to the post. The ‘junior’ officers are also appointed to their posts and have zero say regarding any final decision…

Weird how they use ‘democratic’ job titles but there is nothing ‘democratic’ about how an enterprise is run.

In fact, none of the ‘rank and file’ employees are consulted on any aspect of how the company is run.

Sure, there is a semblance of inter-play but mostly it is ‘token’; just as our form of government lends itself to ‘the illusion of participation’. It ‘looks like’ we’re running things but the truth is another matter entirely.

Two hundred and thirty years of uninterrupted tyranny should be proof enough for anyone.

While ‘perfect liberty’ may not be achievable; we sure as shit can do a lot better than what we suffer now!

The (deliberate) mismanagement of our society has gone on far too long. It’s time to chart a new course, to light anew the beacon of hope we once represented to the world.

Because is sure as fuck ain’t coming out of China!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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