Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hell in a bucket...

Greetings good citizen,

‘Hell in a bucket’ is proceeding apace if you peruse the local court docket. I notice there is an upsurge in prosecutions for petty theft, locally anyway.

So, is theft like cockroaches, for every one you see prosecuted there are a thousand more that go unapprehended and a thousand more (each) that go unreported?

That’s a lot of theft good citizen and while we’re on the subject of court dockets I’d like to address what appears to be the single largest/most popular ‘crime’ of the current times…

Unregistered/uninsured, driving after your license has been revoked/suspended…

While DWI runs a close second, continuing to drive without, er, ‘paying’ has become a very popular pass time, definitely bigger than baseball!

Aside from the fact that the cops only bag a tiny percentage of these ‘offenders’ we have to pause for a moment and ask if life hasn’t become ‘too expensive’ for the majority of us…

You do, on occasion, see the rare ‘I forgot’ type where the only listed violation is an expired inspection sticker…but ‘usually’ it is a ‘full boat’. No sticker, no registration and no insurance with more than a few having a suspended/revoked license too boot!

Life’s ‘big three’ ain’t cheap and there is only one factor you can, er, control…what you put in your mouth.

The roof over your head and wheels under your ass can quickly chew up the average paycheck with very little left over.

Worse, it is ‘impossible’ in most metro areas to do all three on the Federal minimum wage. (Even with a ‘free’ automobile. Repairs on anything you can get for free are more than enough to put you on a perpetual ‘starvation diet’.)

The barely street legal shitbox is the payday lender’s wet dream!

More people are driven (literally!) into destitution trying to keep shitboxes on the road.

And we haven’t even factored in registering or insuring said shitbox!

Why do we subject ourselves to this? No wheels = no job!

A situation that isn’t getting any better as the ‘economic desert’ continues to expand at an accelerating pace…

Uncle Tom isn’t helping his prospects for re-election by cheerleading the ‘persistently invisible’ recovery either.

Which, naturally, leads to the subject of why the government seems incapable of dealing with this train wreck of an economy?

And the answer is the people they take their marching orders from don’t want it fixed!

The already rich will throw our entire civilization under the bus to fatten their worthless bank accounts…

Actually, that’s not right…this isn’t about money and they know it…it’s about power.

Those whose power relies on fossil fuels need to ‘stretch out’ the supply so their power will last a while longer…and they don’t give a fuck who freezes or starves to death in the process.

We’re dealing with psychopaths here, the same kind of psychopaths who cut down the last palm tree (large enough to make an ocean going canoe out of) on Easter Island to roll their fucking statue to the coast!

Be VERY careful of who you bow to…they just might be nuts!

Ironically the statues survive to this day, their civilization, on the other hand, is toast.

And guess who is headed in the same direction? (For pretty much the same reasons…)

We are long overdue for a change in the way things are run. As a species we can no longer tolerate the leadership of those who think the only thing that matters is their own selfish desires/whims!

This is the ‘bottom line of every post I create…THERE IS A ‘BETTER WAY’ and we can start down that path tomorrow!

I don’t propose this for me, I propose it for ‘us’.

Disturbingly, Marx didn’t devise communism ‘for himself’ either. He attacked the wrong issue and society suffered…his bad.

Communism, like capitalism is ‘money based’…A Simple Plan is law based.

The common ownership of the means of production is meaningless as long as the ‘self interested’ continue to make the laws…

Worse, the formation of a ‘party’ at the outset turned an inclusive arrangement into an ‘Us vs. Them’ proposition…there are no ‘parties’ under A Simple Plan (and forming one will get you exiled!)

It’s not about ‘no rules’ it’s about ‘no rulers’!

I shouldn’t be too surprised that most of you ‘don’t get it’…neither the Greeks nor the Romans could conceive of a society without slaves…

So maybe its just me that’s messed up…but I kind of doubt it.

If we made slavery ‘voluntary’ I’d be it would be the world’s shortest que! Just behind the line for voluntary castration…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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