Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm back!

Greetings good citizen,

Took a couple of days but I’m pleased to announce I was able to ‘restore’ the existing site to functionality instead of abandoning it as I had originally feared.

Temporarily free of those pesky viruses, my ‘puter is smokin’ quick again! Nice when that happens.

Um, the past few days have given us little ‘remarkable’ to comment on, things are just as fucked up now as they were then.

That aside, there’s a lot to be considered given the rumblings of the ground.

One of the most difficult tasks a ‘doomer’ is faced with is predicting when those driving this shitbucket are going to jump clear and let the damn thing crash.

That’s the plan anyway. (Considering there’s no way in hell they can turn this mess around, short of the damn ‘reset button’…and I suspect things are a little too far gone for a reset to be conducted ‘peacefully’…or to the satisfaction of the status quo.)

Nothing short of a murderous invasion by space aliens is capable of uniting our species.

The ‘mystery’ that remains is the issue of whether it will be a controlled crash or a hunker-down, helter-skelter type event.

I lean toward the ‘maximum kill-off’ camp (which favors ‘Helter-Skelter’) where the intention is to do serious damage to the ‘surplus population’, thus stretching out the world’s dwindling ‘carrying capacity’ for the ‘good people’.

Sadly, it is precisely these people who should be targeted for elimination from the gene pool because, again, this whole situation is no accident.

Um, considering that EVERY candidate for public office has to pass the ‘party sniff-test’ before receiving the parties’ endorsement…this paints a very bleak picture of the political landscape.

You aren’t going to get elected if you don’t get the endorsement and you aren’t going to get that endorsement if you don’t agree to sell your would-be constituents out.

This ‘simplifies’ greatly the issue of whether or not there is any such thing as an ‘innocent politician’. If the party endorsed you, you are guilty of treason! It’s that simple.

That said, let us proceed with tonight’s offering

Hey Rube, Here's Why Your Lawmakers Ignored All Those Calls and Faxes

"The financial industry has spent $251 million on lobbying so far this year as lawmakers hammered out new rules of the road for Wall Street, according to the latest lobbying reports compiled by a watchdog group." [Simply put good citizen, selling the public interest for personal gain is treason, punishable by hanging. If you want to get really gritty about it, both the ‘buyers AND the sellers are guilty!]

Money Talks. And money in the hands of the man who is sitting in the offices and standing in the halls of Congress is an effective tool for buying the influence and the laws that you want.

Political campaign financing reform, including stricter limitation of direct contributions by special interests to targeted lawmakers, is at the heart of it.

Does the First Amendment cover soft bribery? That is how they will spin it. [There is a world of difference between ‘petitioning’ the government and plying that ‘representative’ with cash!]

Goldman Sachs has the right to express its opinion to your congressman, while wrapping it in a thick rolls of hundred dollar bills, charged to expenses, and paid for by you.

And while it is a nice cushion, $251 million is small potatoes compared to the real payoff in jobs and speaking engagements with huge stipends, consulting fees, and sinecures after leaving office. And that is on top of their fat pensions and cadillac benefits.

Corporatism is the partnership of big business and government. And in the organizational state, the individual (that's you Mr. Potato Head) is irrelevant. Except for comic relief, someone to be played for the fool, the emotional plaything of paid pundits and party politics. Someone whom they can whip into a frenzy, who really enjoys the show.

Yeah boy, we'll show those new crooks a thing or two, and vote the old crooks back in November. Especially the ones that make no bones about being in it for the money and the power. That will teach Washington something about us.

You bet it will.

Jesse certainly has a way with words.

How is it that plying our elected officials in their offices with bags of cash came to be an accepted practice? No irony should be lost on the ‘conflict’ this represents!

Your legislator’s job is to PROTECT YOU from the very people he’s accepting bribes from!

Why isn’t this a hanging offense? Because these same shitheads are in charge of the justice department! (And they don’t feel particularly compelled to prosecute themselves!)

I belabor the obvious when I point out that our government is, er, FUBAR (fucked up beyond all repair!)

The only thing that remains is what YOU are going to DO about it?

Unfortunately for most of you, crying for your mommy is NOT an option.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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