Sunday, August 22, 2010

Intellectual Rigor

Greetings good citizen,

For today’s ‘off the reservation’ excursion I thought we’d have a quick look at the, er, what do they call it now? It used to be the ‘Global War on Terra’ but now I think it is called something more succinct like ‘The Republican’s last stand’ or the Gigantic Hole in the Money Bag…something like that.

Good to his word (and disturbingly enough, his predecessor’s word as well) Wham-Bam Obama has ‘ended’ our, er, ‘excursion’ into Iraq by ‘re-purposing’ (a.k.a. re-naming) our combat forces in Iraq as ‘advisors’.

All freaking 50,000 of ‘em…and that’s not including contractors.

Worse, it isn’t ‘really’ over. It seems our ‘brand’ of democracy (the latest version, where WE select who runs and who doesn’t) isn’t working as well as our, er, ‘managers’ would like.

But one can appreciate the difficulty one might encounter ‘installing’ (read: ramming down the public’s throat) a government that will imprison its own people ‘on the invader’s command’.

The trick is to make it not look like a ‘lap dog’ while it behaves like one.

Apparently, this is what ‘victory’ is supposed to look like.

Bizarrely, this is the same ‘benchmark’ they’re shooting for in Afghanistan.

A ‘lap dog’ government that the public accepts (read: fears/obeys!)

All they have to do is, er, ‘crush’ the ‘insurgency’ (because the corrupt lap dogs are already in place.)

While ‘assassination’ is unacceptable in conventional warfare it has become apparent that ‘insurgencies’ are not considered ‘real war’.

So the theory is if you exterminate enough ‘mal-contents’ your puppets will rule unopposed.

Disturbingly, it is the ‘extermination’ part of this puzzle that is feeding the ranks of the insurgency. The more you ‘murder’ the more people that join the insurgents.

Which brings us to another deeply disturbing aspect of the current ‘conflict’. We defeated the Afghan government in a few weeks during the initial invasion. We installed ‘our man’ in Kabul weeks later.

Yet here we are, ‘exterminating civilians’ eight years later and nobody sees anything ‘wrong’ with this picture?

Remember, we ‘invaded’ (Afghanistan) to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice, a task that has not been accomplished to this day. Alternately, ‘while we were there’ the Bush administration attacked Iraq to prevent ‘non-existent’ weapons of mass destruction from raining down on the Middle East (thereby disrupting global energy supply lines…)

I don’t need to remind you that NOBODY was prosecuted for either of these crimes and, hey, we used the same ‘tactics’ we’re using in Afghanistan in Iraq. It has been an eight year exercise in ‘terrorizing’ the civilian population of a sovereign nation into obeying our (puppet government’s) will.

Damn that nobody in the tone-deaf MSM looks at what’s going on over there and says, “Gee, there’s nothing stopping them from doing the same thing here!”

Doesn’t it strike you as ‘odd’ that not a single pundit has pointed to the genocide being committed by our armed forces in our name?

Which brings us full circle with the issue of ‘how bad do I need this job?’

I can point this out because I don’t have an ‘editor’ who has to clear what I write.

But again, good citizen, is it just me or is it more than a little disturbing to see how little ‘intellectual rigor’ is displayed by the MSM?

The clamps have been screwed down tight for a real long time good citizen…that’s why what you see here ‘looks’ bat shit crazy.

It is a discordant shriek as opposed to the ‘nothing to see here’ monotone those who report for the MSM are required to maintain (if they want to keep the paychecks coming…)

When your job depends on doing what’s expected of you ‘by your employer’ and not by what your customer desires, you tend to ‘go with the flow’ rather than ‘make waves’.

To be honest good citizen I couldn’t do what these no-minds do. I suspect few could.

So we return to the issue of whether or not bloggers provide a, er, ‘reliable’ mirror of what’s going on in the world.

Like many things good citizen, it is an issue you must decide for yourself…

You sure wouldn’t want to take the MSM’s word for it!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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