Friday, August 27, 2010

What Recovery?

Greetings good citizen,

Not only has dropping (a couple of points) below the 10,000 mark magically turned the worthless stock markets back into ‘bargains’ but this not particularly surprising turn of events comes on the heels of GDP numbers that were cut in half!

What’s the message here good citizen?

The markets (and by extension the assholes who run/profit from them) CAN’T LOSE!

What you need to understand here is this outcome has absolutely nothing to do with ‘reality’, which will become plenty grim sooner than you think.

In what is seldom a ‘good sign’ we have the following ‘admission’ (albeit in the ‘opinion’ section) of today’s NY Times:

This Is Not a Recovery

What needs to be ‘parsed’ here good citizen is whether or not this is an acknowledgement of what the public already knows (the most likely explanation) or if it is intended to be a nod towards what most of us would charitably call ‘over-optimism’?

The thus far ‘invisible recovery’, now three years old, has been a figment of the media’s imagination. Further evidence that we live under the thumb of uncaring oligarchs who have total control over ‘the public square’.

There is no such thing as ‘accurate news’. You get to see world events ‘spun’ for your ongoing ‘infotainment’.

The ‘news’ is no longer intended to keep you informed, it is intended to amuse and pacify you.

Let’s have a look at a paragraph from today’s offering to put this disturbing notion into sharper focus.

I know what some players both at the Fed and in the administration will say: they’ll warn about the risks of doing anything unconventional. But we’ve already seen the consequences of playing it safe, and waiting for recovery to happen all by itself: it’s landed us in what looks increasingly like a permanent state of stagnation and high unemployment. It’s time to admit that what we have now isn’t a recovery, and do whatever we can to change that situation.

Krugman is right to call for immediate action on the economy, the threads of social cohesion are already stretched to the breaking point!
But notice how he is ‘cut off’?

Is he really ‘clueless’ about what needs doing? Or (as I think) he is being ‘censored’.

We all know what needs to be done, hell, it was one of today’s headline stories on Alternet!

Why didn’t Mr. Krugman ‘finish the statement’?

I don’t think his superiors would ‘appreciate’ his candor…

As a sidebar I was listening to Science Friday on NPR and the topic was ‘renewable energy’. One of the big stumbling blocks that went unaddressed about the incumbent’s plan to move our domestic workforce forward was to ‘tool up’ the United States and put our people back to work building renewable energy (products.)

After dipshit got elected he got ‘schooled’ as to who had already invested billions in ‘renewable energy’ and that if it was going to happen it was going to happen using Chinese technology!

You don’t suppose this is why Mr. Krugman wasn’t ‘specific’ when he insisted we do ‘whatever it takes’ to restore prosperity?

You sure as hell aren’t going to put Americans back to work ‘servicing’ a technology we don’t make here.

So what’s it gonna be good citizen. Sit there and let the economic desert swallow you up or do we, er, alter how things get done so we don’t find ourselves being evicted from a nation that no longer belongs to us?

Full disclosure: they ‘intend’ to starve our asses out! They did it to the Okies but that was just practice…this time they’re serious.

I say we hang ‘em all!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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