Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does...

Greetings good citizen,

The Dow is down 90 points as of lunchtime here on the East Coast and the morons at the NY Times are attributing this to today’s Fed meeting.

Mind you, there isn’t an ‘up’ index on the entire freaking planet at the damn moment but the ‘self-important’ in New York are (naturally) obsessed with what happens here in the USA.

Is this a ‘testament’ to ‘American Exceptionalism’ or is the media playing to the fact that most U.S. Citizens can’t see/don’t care about anything beyond the end of their own noses?

Left to your imagination is whether or not the Fed has enough ‘credibility’ left to keep this house of cards from collapsing the week after next?

As it stands right now, most of us would feel compelled to look outside and check for ourselves if Mr. Bernanke commented it was a ‘pleasant day’ outdoors.

Which is another way of saying that the man’s definition of ‘normal’ deviates considerably from the common understanding of the term…

In his defense, he isn’t in a position that allows him to admit to what everybody else knows for a fact. I mean the man admits things are ‘unusually uncertain’ and the markets drop 200 points!

How ‘credible’ can his ‘opinion’ be when an off-hand remark can cause trillions of dollars in market losses?

More succinctly, how ‘reliable’ can this crud we call ‘money’ be when it fluctuates in value according to the opinion of a banker? This is the foundation of our fucking civilization here and the actions of a single individual ‘dictate’ the ‘health’ of the world’s economy!

Is I just me or does anybody else think there’s something radically wrong with this picture?

I am alluding to the, er, ‘unnatural’ level of faith required to maintain the ‘status quo’. If it ‘made sense’ (and I’m sure most of you ‘think’ it does) it wouldn’t seem nearly as ‘weird’.

Not only are we taught to ridicule ‘outside the box’ thinking but we are also taught not to question the existence of the damn box! As far as the ‘status quo’ goes, THERE IS NO BOX, things are as they ‘should be’…

Unfortunately, the ‘natural order’ is mighty unnatural…nor does it withstand close scrutiny…but what do you want for ‘nothing’ (cause there’s nothing in it for you.)

Um, this is the second day in a row that I’ve gone off the deep end and it reads like the mad ravings of a ‘mal-content’ (which is precisely what most conservatives would dismiss it as.)

I tend to agree that it is ‘pointless’ to complain about the way things are if you are incapable of offering a ‘viable alternative’.

In some cases it really is what it is and there isn’t a ‘fair’ solution to the problem.

Thus the ‘title’ of this blog…A Simple Plan. I can ‘bitch’ because I have created an ‘alternative’, a holistic one that works for everybody.

A Simple Plan is so good I’d enjoy living under it! (And that’s the first test of any social scheme! Admittedly, most social schemers design plans that benefit themselves and in this I am no different, I’ll be a lot better off than I am now.)

The exception here is so will (almost) everybody else! You’ll be a lot better off than you are now and more importantly, so will your kids!

Bizarrely, that one tenth of one percent responsible for making everybody else impoverished, they’re probably going to die (rather unpleasantly.)

This is not ‘revenge’; it is a bed of their own making. They will finally be ‘free’ to prove their claim that they can ‘thrive’ without anybody else’s assistance.

Good luck with that!

Will ‘everybody’ love ‘A Simple Plan’? Let’s not be stupid. I believe there is an ‘evolutionary divide’ within our species where most of us understand the value of society and a very small minority is incapable of wrapping their heads around anything larger than ‘I’.

The heinous part of this divide is the ‘natural tendency’ on the part of the majority divide to believe the minority divide can be ‘saved’.

Worse, let there be no doubt that the minority is not hindered by this ‘weakness’. They have and will ‘exterminate’ anyone or anything that stands in their way.

Like cattle to slaughter the ‘threat’ the ‘share and share alike’ majority presents to the ruthless and self-centered minority is the principle reason our civilization is headed off a cliff.

The ‘I/me’ crowd is comfortable with the idea of killing off as many of the competition as they can, leaving them free to pick up the pieces after society ‘cleanses’ itself.

I’m sure this variety of ‘plain talk’ is still shocking to some of you but as events unfold the ‘conspiracy’ becomes easier to see.

It all makes sense if you are willing to look at who benefits.

A very small minority that righteously fears being stripped of what they have claimed as their own.

Is it a conspiracy? Consider if you will just how many ‘crimes’ have been swept under the rug to get where we are today…

It’s a fucking conspiracy all right!

If you haven’t taken the time to read A Simple Plan you SHOULD make it the very next thing you do.

If, after reading it, you don’t understand it, e-mail me, I’ll answer your questions.

I can be reached at gegner@usa.com

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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