Monday, August 16, 2010

War is Coming...

Greetings good citizen,

Our nation is already embroiled in two ‘wars of choice’ so some of you might be mystified by the title of tonight’s piece.

At a quick glance you’d think I’d been living in a cave for the past decade, war is here!

But the astute among you know exactly what I’m referring to (and it ain’t Halo Reach…nor is it the latest release of Starcraft, which ominously issues the same warning in its advertisements.)

It is ‘class war’ good citizen and its going to be bloody.

For some incomprehensible reason, our self-professed ‘betters’ have taken into their heads the notion that they need to ‘thin the herd’ before it goes on a rampage.

Notice the ‘beating of the drum’…global warming and peak oil.

What is the surest solution to both issues?

Fewer ‘end users’.

Reduce the number of end users drastically and you’ll see dramatic improvement in both situations.

Little problem there…the military is made up of soldiers drawn from our ranks and lead by (largely clueless) officers drawn from theirs.

No matter how effectively you ‘indoctrinate’ raw recruits getting them to fire on their friends and neighbors will produce serious, er, ‘defects’ in a majority of soldiers.

First time they are following orders, the second time they may decide the ones giving the orders are more suitable targets; then you have your soldiers firing on you!

Hopefully most will question orders that contradict their oath to protect the citizens of this nation…but that’s not how the game is played. The man points out the ‘enemy’ position and orders you to fire…and if you don’t you face summary execution.

One of the goals of modern warfare is to turn soldiers into mindless robots, it is this goal and not ‘soldier safety’ that is behind the push to ‘automate’ warfare.

Talk about your ‘slippery slope’ good citizen, we do not possess the kind of government that can be trusted with the control of mindless killing machines.

Worse, those killing machines are here today in the hands of people accountable to no one.

Understand good citizen there is theory and there’s reality. ‘Theoretically’ there is somebody in charge of watching over pretty much everything…but that is not the case in ‘reality’.

What am I saying?

Things are a lot farther gone than you suspect.

Bulls in China shops come to mind…the only things that will survive are the things too high for the bull to reach…think about that and be disturbed.

Ironically, only one bull can reach the upper shelves of the China shop and that is ‘The Giant’ usually referred to as ‘the sleeping giant’.

It has another name…it is called the general public.

Here we once again encounter the ‘confusion’ (created by the elite) as to who fits into what ‘class’ with many people erroneously thinking they belong to a higher caste than they actually do.

The dividing line is simple…if you gain the bulk of your income from a paycheck, you’re a peasant. If the bulk of your income comes from profits/dividends/rents, you’re a tyrant (and a thief!)

It is astounding how many of the ‘fallen’ fail to appreciate that they too are nothing more than ‘the hired help’.

But hey, this is mostly the media’s fault. According to them, ‘most of us’ are ‘middle class’, them lowly ‘workers’ don’t count.

I can’t emphasize enough just how ‘unstable’ this situation is…especially if you are a ‘paycheck peasant’.

Because guys that don’t even draw paychecks have painted a bulls-eye on your back.

They want you dead…maybe not you specifically but pretty much everyone like you, although they are prepared to suffer enough of you to keep the lights on and the trash picked up.

Which returns us to the ‘confused’ portion of the population.

Looking across this charred landscape you know where you’re standing.

What you need to decide is where you want to be when the shit starts.

If your income is directly derived from ‘vending’ to the (perceived) tyrants, you WILL be targeted as a ‘sympathizer’.

When I say ‘targeted’ we aren’t talking about simply being ‘shunned’ socially here…we’re talking being burned out! How you’re going to afford private school after being burned out will become a serious dilemma. Continuing to send your kids to public schools after being burnt out is a death sentence!

Um, I think you can see how this sort of thing could ‘escalate’…

You’re probably asking yourself where I come up with these ideas…and the answer is History. It has all happened before…and it’s happening again, despite the tendency of the media to deny it in hopes of preventing it.

Which brings us to a final factor, what will sell papers when bloodshed becomes commonplace?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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