Sunday, March 25, 2012

Connect the dots

Greetings good citizen,

As we head into ‘primary season’ and the most disappointing president EVER remains unopposed (not that there are any ‘genuine Democrats’ remaining)which means one simple thing, the damn cavalry ain’t coming!

And this is where the ‘voting for a representative’ thing gets dangerous.

It is generally accepted that our government is broken and it has been hijacked by the very criminals it was established to protect us from!
Here we are, surrounded by still-smoldering financial wreckage, and almost everyone in Washington is falling over themselves to repeat exactly the same kinds of actions that got us into this mess. Last time around it was the repeal of Glass-Steagall, introduced by Republican Sen. Phil Gramm and enthusiastically signed by President Clinton in the presence of Treasury Secretary Larry Summers.

This time it's the deceptively named "JOBS Act," introduced by the far-right Republicans in Congress and passed overwhelmingly by members of both parties. [it is fraudulent in the extreme to even IMPLY that there are TWO INDIVIDUAL schools of political thought in this country, there is only ONE, separated by two degrees of boot-licking!] The President indicated his eagerness to sign the bill early on. Once again basic protections for investors, including individuals and families, are being recklessly overturned in a deregulating frenzy. Some of those protections were enacted in the wake of the Enron scandal, in which sociopathically unscrupulous business people conducted a hoax that ruined thousands of families and deprived many of their life's savings.

The hype that led Washington honchos to name this tragic bill the "JOBS Act" is the same brand of patented b.s. that inspired lawmakers to call Gramm-Leach-Bliley, the law that overturned Glass-Steagall, the "Financial Services Modernization Act." That act of "modernization" actually turned the clock back - from 1999 all the way back to 1929, stripping away some of the common-sense measures that prevented the formation of too-big-to-fail banks that could gamble with their customers' money or bring the economy to the brink of ruin - which they promptly did, less than a decade later.

Why NOBODY remembers Billy Jeff’s part in this is a baffler we can thank the corporate owned media for.

Just more evidence of the dangers of , er, ‘trusting’ the self-interested with the unhindered control of the ‘facts‘…

Yeah, how ironic is it that the ‘Jobs Act’ has nothing to do with increasing employment (here) just as the Clean Waters Act had nothing to do with the environment…

Even more ironic is how the Republicans will use the Act’s ‘ineffectiveness’ as a club to beat Mr. Obama over the head with (during his even more ironic) second term?

When it is clear even now that the legislation won’t create enough jobs…and wouldn’t have passed the house without Republican support…

But they continue to play the rest of us for ‘stupid’.

Which, as much as they don’t think so, will be something they’re going to regret (deeply) later, once this whole charade goes sour.

Recent history shows us just how far gone our situation has become, you don’t need me to connect the dots for you.

If we rewind to the mid-2000’s we’d see the ‘early effects’ of, er, ‘business friendly’ legislating in action.

After the Dot-Gone bust the economy stagnated (largely because we were still ‘exporting jobs’ wholesale)…so the financial sector stepped up to the plate and started handing out ‘free money’…if you could prove you were alive, you got the loan…no questions asked.

This (naturally) resulted in the collapse of the banking system and the resultant ‘epidemic’ of ‘uncreditworthy consumers’.

Thus does this ‘over-extended’ consumer cause the market for just about everything to dry up. All thanks to the repeal of Glass Steagall (although it probably would have happened anyway because that’s the track they were following…)

Ever since St. Ronnie of Reagan APPOINTED that Randite, Greenspan to the Federal Reserve Corporation! (don’t ever forget it is a ‘privately owned’, closed books operation)

And ‘efficient market theory’ (which fosters ‘unbridled capitalism’) became the rule of the day our economy has been circling the drain as we exported jobs and imported stuff we were perfect capable of making ourselves.

And while Greenspan was ‘knighted’ for destroying the global economy, (while simultaneously paving the way for the return of Monarchy…) didn’t he feign ‘surprise’ when the markets proved considerably ‘less efficient’ than they were supposed to be…

Like the simple act of admitting his, er, ‘mistake’ was sufficient to absolve him of his sins.
As I have stated repeatedly, NONE OF THIS was even remotely ‘an ACCIDENT’.

It was not a ‘miscalculation’ nor was there any ‘incompetence’ involved…not even the judges (who turned a blind eye to all of this) are ‘innocent’.

They KNEW, thus shall they PAY!

Just as I know I am accusing the ‘Masters of the Universe’ of High Crimes. How ironic is it good citizen that accusing the elite of high crimes is itself a ‘capital offense’, yet it does not alter the facts!

Although there is little comfort on the notion that history will eventually exonerate me, dead is dead.

If you wish to avoid joining me among the ranks of the condemned, you must fight like your life depends on it!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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