Monday, March 12, 2012

The dim future...

Greetings good citizen,

The pundits, ‘talking shit’ (as usual), ‘predicted’ markets would be ‘up’ with the, er, ‘alleged resolution’ of the Greek Crisis.

And what do you know, the pundits were…WRONG! (But that surprises no one.)

Well, when I saw the actual, er, ‘disappointing’ performance of the global markets, this article caught my eye.

They will also wrangle over whether to increase the firepower of their bailout fund — a move that is still vehemently resisted by Germany.

No final decisions are expected on these issues Monday, but the talks will set the tone for how the eurozone plans to deal with an economic crisis that continues despite recent market calm.

Ministers will also examine the next steps for Greece's euro130 billion ($171 billion) rescue, including the first aid installment and shoring up the banks.

How sad is it good citizen that what you see here is more than half of the whole thing?

Which is to point out that the Euro-zone (like the rest of the West) doesn’t have a ‘future’ to look forward to.

Look up and take note of the italicized text.

I’m gonna say it one more time, slow and in English…the so-called ‘investors’ ARE NOT LIKE you and me! They are as ‘ALIEN’ to us as the ONE PERCENT is!

Fortunately, a little further along, I encountered this article which provides us with more insight into the ruinous Euro-zone situation:
Problems at banks led to steep declines in lending. The weakest banks in Europe — Greek banks and those identified by European regulators as being short on capital — cut new lending by 14.6 percent in the last six months of 2011, according to the Bank for International Settlements. The remaining, healthier banks cut new lending by 6 percent.

The European Central Bank’s emergency loans, as well as more decisive action by European political leaders, led to a steep decline in the rates that banks had to pay to issue their own corporate bonds, to borrow money from other banks for short periods or to obtain American dollars, according to the data.

But, Mr. Cecchetti said, “this definitely does not mean we are out of the woods.”

“Financial conditions have improved, but they are still strained,” he said. Many countries are still trying to return to the same level of economic output they had before the financial crisis began, he noted.

“There has been basically no growth in advanced economies in five years,” he said.

Elephant in the room time again! If nobody is ‘creditworthy’, who do you lend to? Worse, how do you ‘profit’ from lending when the borrower’s cost keep climbing exponentially, reducing their ability to pay? (Peak Energy, which boosts the cost of EVERYTHING, across the board!)

Now, tell me again that you don’t believe in collapse…

Worse, good citizen, the ‘window of opportunity’ is closing and it is already going to be devilishly difficult to establish sustainable systems as it is. (Which is to opine it will be tough even without a determined [and decidedly self-interested] minority fighting it every step of the way!)

But I think that last sentence sums things up nicely, don’t you?

There has been basically NO GROWTH in the Advanced Economies in FIVE YEARS!

Now, who needs me to explain WHY that is?

Is it because of the United States, who readily attacks anyone who so much as looks like it is going to lift a finger to protect the people that elected them?

No, and all of this ‘hype’ about an American Empire is just more bullshit mis-direction. There’s an Empire out there all right but it has NO ‘nationality’, it obeys (nor fears I might add) no government.

This Empire ‘owns’ all of the governments that matter…which bodes very poorly for the majority of us. Psychos who are rich enough to ‘own’ governments usually use those offices to protect themselves…no matter how many (of their own) people get killed in the process.

‘Paranoia’ drove Stalin to murder 25 million…and the ‘new boss’ will be no different.

Why do you suppose we are suddenly seeing, er, ‘legislation’ legalizing the murder of a nation’s own citizens?

Well, the kings were famous for dispensing ‘capital punishment’ on a whim, if anything displeased them, the solution was always a hand wave away, ‘kill it, kill it now!’

And there wasn’t (and worse) ISN’T a fucking thing you can do about it!

Who among us can question The President?

According to those ‘flag waving patriots’ (who call themselves conservatives) the President (especially a Republican president) is ‘infallible’ and is therefore, beyond reproach, never mind question.

Worse, state sanctioned murder automatically falls under the cloak of ‘State Secret’, they can’t tell you the answer for fear of ‘jeopardizing’ National Security…

Like a lot of things that have slid into oblivion, (thanks to the corporate owned media) the government’s newly acquired right to murder YOU on a whim has more or less (permanently) ‘escaped’ the news cycle.

If the government murders YOU (OR a loved one) it is ‘automatically’ a State Secret and it would be a crime itself to have to answer for its actions!

Can you say ‘fucked’?

I knew you could…and I also know will demonstrate just what that means to the cowards who voted for this vile legislation!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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