Thursday, March 22, 2012

Human Condition

Greetings good citizen,

Once again we are ‘treated’ to a ‘news story’ that continues to regard The Greater Depression as some mysterious event.

And believe me good citizen there are more than a few who can’t, for the life of them, figure out what’s wrong.

It’s no coincidence that they are, to the last one, ‘conservative’.

Let’s have a look at the ‘mystery’ shall we?

FRANKFURT — A key indicator of business sentiment in Europe unexpectedly fell deeper into recession territory Thursday, compounding concerns about the global recovery following signs of slowing manufacturing in China.

Major stock indexes in Europe slipped and the euro fell against the dollar after a survey of purchasing managers suggested that growth in the euro zone shrank during the first three months of the year. That would be the second negative quarter in a row, meeting the definition of a recession.

The data suggests that the 17-nation euro area is still struggling even after a flood of cash from the European Central Bank helped assuage anxiety about a major banking crisis and credit crunch.

Geez, let’s see, the global race to the bottom bankrupts the global customer base that results in a global depression…except the ASSHOLES who sold what has essentially become ‘global monopoly’, sold it on the basis that it would ‘supercharge’ the economy.

(what they ‘mis-represented’ was the part where the economy would be supercharged ONLY for the handful of multi-national corporations who would dominate the global markets.)

Just a little ‘white lie’ between the politicians and their oligarch ‘key’ campaign contributors….

Yet the corporate owned media notes none of these well established events, and we can only wonder why?

Does the answer lie in the words ‘corporate owned’?

I just recently re-stated the reasoning behind the ‘fallacy’ of a ‘free press’ that is solely reliant on advertising revenue for its profits.
That is NOT a ‘free press’ by any stretch of the imagination…and neither is the apparatus we call the Right Wing Noise Machine, that exists solely to spread dis-information and fear.

In the future such organizations will be prohibited, just as the corporation will become extinct.

It will soon be a crime for people to hide behind ‘legal fictions’ to protect them from being prosecuted for their misdeeds.

And don’t you fret for a single moment that ‘nobody’ will step up and do the jobs society needs done.

There are already people willing to do the job correctly and responsibly which automatically protects them charges of wrong-doing.

But I digress!

Weren’t we discussing ‘The Mystery’ as to why the world’s second largest economy was dead on its ass?

And didn’t we determine the problem (which EVERYBODY IN A POSITION TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT) is IGNORING?

Er, what was the problem again?

Oh yeah, that the global customer base has been squeezed to death by the global race to the bottom (in preparation for the chaos that the ‘End of cheap energy’ will cause!)

But that’s a lot of concepts to keep in your head (or at least that’s what they’re hoping, that the more ‘dots’ you connect, the less ‘believable’ something becomes.)

In fact, (if it serves their purposes) you are supposed to suspect ANYTHING that has more than one cause and results in more than one effect.

Because you are supposed to be incapable of understanding complex, interrelated issues.

Which is why they keep writing incomprehensible legislation (that even they don’t understand) to prove that YOU are ‘too stupid’ to do their job!

It also serves as proof of their, er, ‘superior intelligence’…which should be evident to us all just from a cursory examination of the carnage they have so skillfully wrought!

How fucking sad is it good citizen that most of you still get taken in by the now ancient ‘Emperor’s new clothes’ ruse? Noting that it is part of ‘the human condition’ changes nothing.

Since there is nothing that can be done about gullibility we all need to learn to live with it.

Which brings us to the other half of the equation, we also need to stop playing one another for ‘stupid’.

In fact, more harm has been done by the meme ‘you can’t be criticized for being to simple’ when many things are ‘simplified’ by lying about them!

The unscrupulous right is famous for this tactic and even more famous for defending it ardently!

But again we stumble along the edges of an area where nothing can be gained by debate, as long as there are liars there will be lies!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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