Saturday, March 24, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

As the rise in energy prices threatens to choke the global economy to death, we can only wonder what the twits who manage our society plan to do when ‘normal weather’ returns?

Why am I tempted to opine the answer to that is ‘laugh’? (I can’t honestly conjure up a mental image of genuine concern, it is too far out of character for them.)

Europeans have frozen to death in the abnormally cold weather they have had overseas…but in exchange for that we have just seen the end of one of the mildest winters on record. Temps ‘averaged’ 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) above normal.

How sad is it that the US media doesn’t care if the identical commercial system to the one it uses resulted in the death of hundreds of its citizens?

No, we don’t advertise the, er, ‘unsolvable’ problems that business owners are unable (or unwilling) to address.

“Pay our workers more while charging our customers less is a recipe for insolvency! (And if I lose the summer cottage in (fill in the name of a local paradise here) I’ll be facing something even worse, a divorce!”) [said the capitalist]

Which once again shines the spotlight on the ‘mismanagement’ of our financial markets and the shocking imbalances that plague our society.

But belaboring the obvious has proven worthless.

Those responsible for these, er, ‘difficulties’ have no interest addressing these ‘imbalances’…(mostly because they are ‘profitable’ for them personally.)

Which brings us to the crux of our modern problems…what my Dad would call the ‘Hooray for me and fuck you’ attitude.

HFM&FY is never ‘self-correcting’. The closer ‘the squeeze’ gets to the ‘fucker’, the more they squeeze the ‘fuckee’…(which in most cases is YOU.)

Worse is the driving force behind HFM&FY, the unwillingness to ‘compromise’.

And since this bad boy is sort of ‘freestyle’ I DO NOT (for once, digress!)

Oh, what a tangled web they weave!

One that is getting more tangled with each passing day.

In the ‘beginning’ we could dismiss the ‘fringe’ programming of the cable networks as too many hours to fill and not enough content.

But now that our deaf and blind corporate owned media has jumped on the ‘panic button mentality’ bandwagon’, you can’t help but wonder what the hell is wrong with the people running the networks?

In fact, what passes for ‘news’ (supposedly useful information) these days now rivals the goofiest apocalyptic ‘infotainment’ shows.

And if we turn our attention to the political theater we can only wonder where those guys are getting their information from…

How sad is it that the most we can hope for is it’s not the same planet we’re living on?

Again, how sad is it that there are too many hours to fill and not enough programming…

Because capitalism requires that most avenues which would provoke serious thought that may result in public debate and begin the questioning of long held values MUST be contentiously avoided!

That’s why the bulk of network programming is focused on ‘escapism’.

Don’t think about the world as it is (and heavens forbid you think about WHY things are the way they are!) Your goal is to ‘escape’ the real world for the ‘fantasy world’ we bring right into your living room every night.

Better you ignore TV as the wasteland that it is rather than start questioning your lot in life!

In case you were wondering why, as lucrative as it is, most TV absolutely sucks!

So why isn’t TV used as a medium for expanding social awareness?

Because that would shine a spotlight on just how badly the powers that be are fucking the rest of us…

Seriously good citizen, it wouldn’t take a whole lot of scrutiny to uncover a damned mountain of ‘inequity’.

Then there’s the ‘treason factor’…which is the REAL REASON the ‘status quo’ doesn’t want YOU asking too many , er, ‘difficult questions’.

Should the truth ever come to light, the light poles from here to Timbuktu would be ‘adorned’ with the hanging corpses of greedy capitalists.

Treason, (or the placing of your own interests ahead of those of society) has been little prosecuted under treacherous capitalism.

Hard to protect the public while subscribing to a system of commerce that actually promotes the same variety of ‘self-interest’ (that would normally get you hung!)

The question, good citizen, is what kind of world would you like to live in, today’s ‘FUCK YOU, SUE ME!’ environment or one where we are ALL equal under the law AND in the marketplace?

Um, how fucking sad is it the choice IS (ultimately) YOURS, but you are going to have to kill a lot of greedy fuckers for the chance to make that choice!

And before you get to even one of the greedy fucks you’ll be forced to fight through an army of their stooges first!

Making the fact that the money is all funny that much more pathetic…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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