Sunday, March 18, 2012

Armed Thugs

Greetings good citizen,

I went to the local supermarket this morning and, as is often the case, I saw people holding up posters, taking up a collection for…more tents for Haiti.

The earthquake was what, three years ago? Don’t you think in that time anyone who needed a shelter had taken care of the issue by now?

So what are we seeing, a new, predatory ‘permanent aid mission’ bent on milking a now ancient natural disaster in perpetuity?

One thing is clear, they will keep on soliciting as long as people are STUPID enough to keep giving…

But wait…things are tough in Haiti, worse, things have been tough in Haiti for a long time, just like Somalia.

What we’re really seeing in Haiti is the same gross mismanagement that has become the ‘standard’ in our own ‘let ‘em starve’ society.

So when I came upon this ‘hit the panic button’ article I decided it was time to lay it on the line, but first, ‘Nervous Nellie’:
But looking toward the national political conventions, the hurdles are more formidable, she said, because the police and various federal agencies are not discussing their plans.

“We are working with legal teams in Tampa and Charlotte who are looking at ordinance challenges, permitting issues, etc.,” Verheyden-Hilliard said. “As it unfolds I would expect there to be legal challenges, but part of the initial hurdle is trying to pin down from law enforcement what the restrictions are going to be. One of the tactics that the government uses is to try to wind down the clock and not provide information on restrictions until the last minute so that you are only able to go to court on a short time-frame and without opportunity to develop a record to overcome the pretextual and untested security claims that will be presented to the judge. The fact is they know well in advance what they are planning to do.”

There are other major factors the police cannot control, however. The first is the number of people who will protest—whether it is in local Occupy protests or national political events. When enough people take to the streets, police cannot arrest everyone. Nor can they control the media from covering police overreach and excessive force. Together those factors can change the political climate and force governments at the local, state and national level to adopt reforms—not because legislators are feeling benevolent, but because they are worried about what is happening in the streets.

Ahem, let me clarify (once again) that THE PEOPLE ARE THE LAW!

We’ve been being cowed by the men in the blue uniforms for far too long…and they do whatever makes their job easier. (So fuck your ‘rights’, you want to sue? Knock yourself out…)

Which is to say we are far beyond playing by what the ‘enemy’ tells us is ‘legal’.

Do you understand that the law, as it currently stands, is meaningless?

How many times to you have to see them ‘flaunt’ the law to understand that ‘legal’ has become whatever these shiftless assholes say it is?

So YOU don’t have to listen to what Officer Dickhead says.

He’s protecting HIS PAYCHECK, the fuck with YOU!

Um, the hard choice here is on Officer Dickhead. He can remember what he was sworn to do OR he can follow orders so he keeps getting his paycheck…and probably get, er, Severely Socially Ostracized, which could mean any number of vile acts that would threaten the safety and well being of themselves and their families.

(Don’t think it will come to that? Keep ‘following orders’ against your own better judgement, we saw how well that worked out the Nazis…the people ‘know’ AND they’re watching you!)

What does it take for you to wake up to the fact that the police aren’t there to protect YOU or what you think are YOUR RIGHTS!

They work for their paychecks and the elected officials whose orders they follow NEVER seem to take YOUR RIGHTS into consideration…because it’s not about what you’re entitled to, equal treatment or equal protection, it’s about what the One Percent wants and how far they’ll push (you) to get it!

UNTIL there is JUSTICE FOR ALL, ‘the law’ is null and void.

So the guy in the street dressed in body armor and pointing a ‘riot gun’ at you is nothing more than a hired thug who I being paid to do YOU harm…

Something to keep in mind should you ever be placed in a position of having to defend you or yours against a raving lunatic with a badge…

Um, the best thing to do about this situation is DON’T PROTEST, it’s useless.

If you want to change how things get done around here you are going to have to ATTACK!

A broken legal system filled with blind and deaf judges is NEVER going to lead a crusade to restore JUSTICE!

You won’t see the return of justice (or your rights) until YOU make it happen!

Until then all of this is just a waste of so many electrons (not that they had anything more important to do.)

It seems most people don’t think their ‘rights’ are under attack…and maybe that’s the one positive outcome of the, er, ‘non-violent’ protest…but all of the ‘protesting’ in the world will do you no good until it gets violent. Which will signal to the other side that they had better back off before things get nasty…and as pissed off as people are right now, it’s a little too late to be backing off.

Until we can restore ‘justice for all’ the guys with the guns are just armed thugs following orders.

Don’t let that slow you down!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,



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