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Since the NY Times is cutting way back on the number of ‘free articles’ you can read, I am, er, ‘practicing’ getting my news items from other sources.

Not that this has proven very, er, ‘reliable’. Alternet and RawStory are both driven by different political agendas than the Corporate owned media so their focus is often at odds with the bullshit they pipe into your living room/car 24/7.

So while the, er, ‘second tier’ media outlets quite readily call ‘bullshit’ on the Corporate owned media, they then tend to spin the story with their own ‘agenda’ driving the story…and let’s face it good citizen, propaganda is propaganda.

Which is also my way of apologizing for being a day behind this news item, because the ‘alternative press’ is also often a ‘day behind’ (besides being a little ‘off the mark’ as well.)

Let us examine today’s paltry offering for example:
Republican leaders, including those in 11 states with the highest percentage of uninsured residents, don’t want to fix our broken healthcare system.

The Republican Party again showed its petulant, "party-of-no" face on Tuesday as lawyers representing 26 red states and conservative think-tanks told the U.S. Supreme Court that nobody should be forced have health insurance—even if people carrying insurance end up subsidizing the defiantly uninsured who get ill.

“Could you tell me,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor began, in perhaps the most succinct moment capturing this schism, addressing Paul D. Clement, an attorney representing the law’s challengers, “do you think the states could pass this mandate?”

represent 26 states,” he replied. “I do think the states could pass this, but I….”
But they won’t. The Republican leadership in his clients’ states, including 11 with the highest percentage of uninsured residents in America, don’t want to fix a broken healthcare system. Forget that these states are supposedly more religious than liberal America—they are not their brothers’ keepers. It’s everyone fending for themselves: that’s the America they want.

While they do an admirable job of the ‘he said, she said’ reporting, they don’t deviate from their laser like focus on displaying Republicans in the worst possible light…when we are all well aware of just how rotten conservative whackos can be.

Again, it’s easy to criticize…but this particular issue is much larger than it on the surface appears.

Why are the proxies for the > One Percent playing the ‘rugged individual card’ in this battle over a healthcare plan that they themselves designed?

And one that would piss off one of their main campaign contributors big time if it gets overturned!

It’s every insurer’s wet dream, ‘mandated insurance’…and they already do it with automobiles…so there’s your ‘precedent’ right there!

Compulsory insurance is almost as old as the auto industry itself…and perhaps it is me who isn’t getting it because auto insurance isn’t meant to protect YOU, it’s there to protect THE FUCKING BANKS!

Now, under A Simple Plan there is no insurance of any kind…none.

How can we get away with that? Because money is fictional, it’s make believe.

People do what they do because that’s what they get paid for…and the things they buy with their pay are ‘free’. the resources utilized in producing the item are ‘free’ from nature who, coincidentally, doesn’t have a cash register.

And yes Virginia, you do have to ‘husband’ your resources thus do some things ‘cost’ more than others.

So if you get sick (really sick…like laid up in the hospital sick) it won’t ‘cost’ you anything. It’s what those people do for their pay and there’s no need for you to ‘pay’ them too…that’s the ‘idiocy’ of capitalism!

You often pay twice for what should be, by right, yours for free!

Since I’m already ‘off the reservation’ (again) I might as well task you with another little tidbit that most of you are unaware of…the reason our current social model is ‘broken’.

Under our current capitalist social model you pay for EVERYTHING…and since only a few of us enjoy, er, ‘inexhaustible wealth’ (at everyone else’s expense) the ‘inability to pay’ keeps causing the system to break down…

I mean the ‘fuck you pay me’ scheme even fostered the NEED for an ‘insurance industry’!

But now I digress, we can’t get too far away from the central fact in play here…

That our social model is broken.

No where on the horizon is there a proposal to ‘fix’ our broken model…the only thing we are seeing is a fierce stepping up of the ‘fuck you, pay me demand behind the badly broken model.

Well, I shouldn’t say ‘nowhere’, should I?

Let us return to our original topics, the scarcity of news outlets and their propensity to promote their own agenda (such as I have done here…but I doubt many will deny the need for a solution to our current plight as we can’t ALL be filthy rich, which is the only acceptable solution to the 'fuck you, pay me' crowd…those exceeding rare ‘rugged individuals.’

Um, which is to point out that while we might all be cool with the idea of paying ourselves handsomely, it is not a ‘practical solution’.

Start pumping up the money supply and you will spark a ‘wage/price spiral’ where wages chase prices that chase wages until you find yourself in Zimbabwe, paying a billion dollars for two cucumber sandwiches with a bottle of spring water apiece…

Did I mention that all money is ‘funny’?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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