Saturday, March 17, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

I’m chuckling to myself because of an old truism about the three things people hate, cameras, mirrors and the truth.

I titled yesterday’s offering ‘Truth’ and it hasn’t gotten a single read! (Must be that day before the holiday thing happening…)

Understandably, since much of what I write is opinion, it is a bit brash of me to label my opinions as ‘truth’, but the truth is always ‘relative’ (even the ever so elusive ‘bald truth’.)

Then there’s the old adage about opinions, that they’re like assholes…because everybody’s got one.

Well, good citizen, how much of your life is the result of somebody else’s ‘opinion’?

It’s not as stupid a question as it first appears…

Here’s a little peek into what happens when an outlier goes mainstream

I started to think along these lines a few years ago, during the long stock and housing bubble expansion in the stock market that led up to the financial collapse. And we must certainly thank Mr. Greenspan and his Fed for that, as it is clear they knew exactly what was happening. And rather than fulfill their pledge to stop it, they aided and actually promoted it.

What is shocking is that these are no longer rogue operations, no statistical outliers, no isolated dirty dealings by obscure hedge funds.

The moral hazard and decay has progressed so far, has tainted so much, that the US markets are not even worthy to be called casinos, much less captial management and efficient allocation mechanisms.

They have become abattoirs where the real wealth of the nation is taken and slaughtered. These fellows produce nothing, create nothing, except for fraudulent conveyance to take other people's wealth.

There is no better example of this than MF Global, but you can trust your instinct, that there will be more. The blood feast has only begun.

Wait until the wiseguys start skinning their own, those who think they are going to profit from this because they are smarter and better than the rest, and on board. Then you will real some real howls of outrage. I just wonder if there will be anyone left to care.

The very lives we live rely heavily on what we believe…when doubt starts to worm its way into our perception things fall apart quite quickly…

I continue to predict what will be termed as ‘systemic collapse’ because of the ‘cascading effects of doubt’ that will destroy the current flimsily constructed supply chain.

As the ‘smash and grab’ tactics of MF Global escalate, ‘faith’ in the (wholly faith based) stock markets will ‘evaporate’.

If you can’t trust stocks, bonds or banks, what do you do with your (decidedly shaky) money?

Hard to tell because it’s value will vary (wildly) depending on where you try to spend it.

This is a situation that will get out of hand so quickly that people will abandon, er, ‘legal tender’ completely (in favor of ‘fair trade’)

Sadly, this automatically abolishes your paycheck! (and ‘benefits’? Forget about it!)

Which is to opine that the ‘new’ hand to mouth existence will redefine the term ‘hardship’. (You will be absolutely amazed at what you will happily put in your starving mouth …seriously.)

Things we ‘take for granted’ will literally ‘disappear’ and other things will become, er, ‘unreliable’.

Just try calling the cops AFTER paychecks start bouncing to the moon! If someone answers the phone, you will likely be asked how you intend to pay for their, er, ‘services’…

Is your house on fire? Hope you can drive a fire truck (and can figure out how the hoses hook up before the only thing left is the concrete foundation!)

Yeah, as I have been advocating for all along, what we do and why we do it is going to change whether you like it or not!

And anything resembling ‘normal’ will only return if we completely erase our current (predatory) system of commerce.

How ironic is it that this WON’T start with a King?

In order to ‘resurrect’ our civilization we must embrace the rule of law, that is placed ‘beyond the reach’ of men who would do as they wish, unopposed.

You have to dedicate a lot of thought towards remaking the world/creating a ‘viable’ social model, (although all of the ‘pieces’ have been around for centuries.)

NOTHING in A Simple Plan is ‘new’ (except the ‘cashless’ feature that would have been impossible to implement before the 1980’s)

And that is just icing on the cake because it greatly deters ‘corruption’. (Sadly, there isn’t yet a way to effectively prevent ‘stupidity’ something we are all, on occasion, guilty of.)

So, yeah, things are falling off the old ‘slippery slope’ at quite a pace right now, it will be, er, ‘interesting’ to see how things go from here.

Er, thanks for letting me inside your head,

And stay safe out there!


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