Monday, March 26, 2012

Hero worship

Greetings good citizen,

Recently having a bad experience with GE’s personnel department has left a bad taste in my mouth regarding my (now almost twenty years in the rearview mirror) ‘former employer’.

I sit and curse at the TV when I see the ‘Thank you GE’ commercials come on. The ad (falsely) paints them as ‘saviors’ when there are tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of ‘former’ GE employees who remember things going down somewhat differently than these cheesy commercials would lead you to believe.

Although make no mistake about it, at GE it is a given that you would be ‘plenty thankful’ to work there…because the alternative is usually something akin to dumpster diving…

Anyway it seems I’m not the only one who noticed this attempt to whitewash the reputation of the leader of the global race to the bottom…
The GE ads skillfully trigger a sense of warmth as they show GE workers expressing pride in their skilled work, satisfaction in assisting severely-ill patients, a profound sense of teamwork crossing racial and gender lines, and a deeply-felt mission based on the slogan: "GE Works." To highlight just a few elements of GE's public-relations offensive:

1) In one ad, GE workers at the Waukesha, Wis. Medical Equipment Division, which makes magnetic resonance imaging machines, X-ray machines and other cutting-edge medical devices, are shown getting their-much-cherished wish of meeting a busload of cancer patients whose recovery was aided by GE's medical products.

Unmentioned, however, is the fact that GE has transferred the headquarters of the Medical Equipment Division to Beijing, China. "Waukesha will not be doing GE's innovations, which will now be centered in China," said Chris Townsend. "This doesn't mean that the Waukesha plant will close right away, but the company's advances will be taking place in China and Waukesha will be making more out-of-date products. GE will be bringing in the new machines from China," Townsend adds.

Oddly, depending on which ad you view, the workers practically prostrate themselves, thanking GE for a ‘second chance’ when the other big employer in town followed GE’s lead and left for Beijing!

And naturally, if you weren’t really paying attention, most of the commercials are being made in ‘right to work’ states, meaning the chances are good that the employees are ’unorganized’.
Perhaps more disturbing is the ease with which GE could shutter such plants if the Union even ’threatened’ to get a foothold…

Just our worthless politicians, doing what they do best…

Which brings us full circle to the question there is currently no debate over, what is the ‘purpose of government?’

Listening to the right/conservatives/(closet Libertarians) we would have the government’s sole purpose would be to provide for the ‘nation’s defense’.

Which is ironic because government’s ‘primary function’ is to insure that the needs of society are ‘equitably met’ and government’s principle responsibility is to PROTECT ITS CITIZENS from the PREDATIONS OF THE PRIVILEGED!

Something the political parties of this nation have FAILED AT MISERABLY for the past FORTY YEARS!

And, ironically, this ‘failure’ is directly attributable to a situation that OWS brought to the fore of the national stage just last year.

What situation was that good citizen?

It was the ‘re-definition’ of who was and was not a ‘member of society’.

The fact that those who (could and ultimately DID) BUY the government they wanted became the government’s ‘primary focus’.

And, naturally, it was the immensely smaller but considerably richer Republican party that got (and bought) all of the necessary influence.

So the question is, do we REALLY ‘vote against ourselves’, good citizen?

The answer is a resounding NO…mostly because not enough of us vote, but that doesn’t matter either way because they can jigger the ballot box six ways to Sunday if it serves their purposes.

Although there is one thing you can be certain of this November, serious levels of ‘voter dissatisfaction’ and a close to zero tolerance for ‘more of the same’.

The riots will be incredible.

And the corporate owned media will be at a loss to explain them away…so they won’t even try.

Which is to opine (and I’m always giving my opinion around here) that ‘the coup’ (of the royals) will NOT be televised.

The, er, >One Percent knows they cannot maintain the charade of the ballot box indefinitely…and the public outrage over the ‘lack of action’ will force them to sweep aside the pretense that this is all due to ‘incompetence’ and (attempt) to seize control.

Sadly, they already know they will fail.

Their actions will be driven by the desire to heighten public anger; to insure that the carnage is as widespread as possible.

Worse, many of them will lead rebellions against their own kind!

How will you know you are being led by a ‘pretender’? Because their rhetoric will be more than a little ‘Republican’ flavored.

Their talk will be about ‘family values’ and ‘rugged individualism’. While they stay behind the scenes to ‘direct’ the battles your comrades will fight and die in.

Ironically it will be their ‘uncanny ability’ to ferret out the strongholds of their former friends that will cement their leadership role…

While they surround themselves with the most brutal (and stupid followers) they can find.

So if loyal but stupid gets promoted over brave and competent, chances are good ‘your leader’ is one of them!

We have a lot of work to do good citizen, and many battles to fight before we rest.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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