Saturday, March 10, 2012

'American' Empire? (not!)

Greetings good citizen,

Yesterday’s hiatus resulted in today’s frustration over (re-) learning how to type on a ‘proper keyboard’ once more.

Which is to say I spent yesterday ‘resurrecting’ the computer that has lain in pieces down in the ‘man cave’ since last fall. (Blew the CPU, but what do you want for a hundred bucks?)

But that’s neither here nor there, we have larger fish to fry, don’t we?

In yet another display of exceptional myopia the book promotion agency that doubles as a mouthpiece for the ‘progressive’ arm of the long defunct Democratic party gets it ‘wrong’ once again…

Several years after the Wall Street-ignited crisis began, the nation’s top bank CEOs (who far out-accumulated their European and other international counterparts) continue to hobnob with the president at campaign dinners where each plate costs more than one out of four US households make in a year. Financial bigwigs lead their affluent lives, unaffected, unremorseful, and unindicted for wreaking havoc on the nation. Why? Because they won. They hustled better. They are living the American Dream.

This is not the American Dream that says if you work hard you can be more comfortable than your parents; but rather, if you connive well, game the rules, and rule the game, your take from others is unlimited. In this paradigm, human empathy, caring, compassion, and connection have been devalued from the get-go. This is the flaw in the entire premise of the American Dream: if we can have it all, it must by definition be at someone else’s expense.

In Why America Failed, noted historian and cultural critic Morris Berman’s brilliant, raw and unflinchingly accurate postmortem of America, he concludes that this hustling model, literally woven into the American DNA, doomed the country from the start, and led us inevitably to this dysfunctional point. It is not just the American Dream that has failed, but America itself, because the dream was a mistake in the first place. We are at our core a nation of hustlers; not recently, not sometimes, but always. Conventional wisdom has it that America was predicated on the republican desire to break free from monarchical tyranny, and that was certainly a factor in the War of Independence; but in practical terms, it came down to a drive for "more" -- for individual accumulation of wealth.

Yet another, er, ‘common mistake’ of the thinly disguised alternative press is to circulate the notion that there won’t be any ‘retroactive retribution’ (that will be delivered sooner than most of you would imagine!)

Then there is the curiously myopic illusion that the Empire was that of the sole remaining ‘superpower’, the crippled and crazy USA.

Here is a nation that is running amok in every which direction, killing the natives of other lands with impunity while claiming that ‘God’ had granted them the right (and let’s not forget the ‘solemn moral obligation’) to protect unbridled capitalism around the globe!

(And all of this from a nation headed by a ‘socialist’, not that those leveling such charges have a freaking clue what a socialist is!)

But that’s the media for you! They have reality so twisted around that they need both hands and a hunting dog just to find their asshole!

You, the average citizen, need to set this nonsense aside!

We aren’t ‘at war’ with a cadre of crazed, ideologically challenged fringe right wing militants, hell bent on establishing a Christian nation, under (their) ‘god’.

Nope, what we’re up against is an ‘Ancient Enemy’ that has been around as long as civilization itself (and before you get it wrong again, understand that the Devil has been around longer than civilization and is no more real than his ‘nice guy’ bookend. (Who has proven to be mighty helpless for an ‘almighty’ being…)

That ‘Ancient enemy’ is the one who is always questioning both your patriotism AND your ‘worthiness’…most because they are so ‘unworthy’ (and the only way to defend their worthlessness is to ‘invent’ an even less worthy…er, (wait for it!) Class!

Yes good citizen, I detest ‘beating around the bush’ as much as the next guy but the unjustly rich have done such a fine job of convincing you that the ‘problem’ IS NOT their predations, their unjustified and selfish self-enrichment (at YOUR expense)

This is not the collapse of the ‘American Empire’, it is the collapse of both Western civilization and (in case you haven’t noticed) the entire ‘rule of law’ concept!

Somewhere down the line, our self-professed ‘betters’ have decided that what we, as a society, NEED is a ‘return to ‘basic values’. A return to a time where (almost) everyone had a place and nobody DARED to question it…because the KING could have you executed with a snap of his fingers (and on a whim!)

It was more than a ‘Freudian slip’ going on when ‘Bush, the Lesser’ stated that things would be much easier (for him) if he were a dictator…

Think about it good citizen, ‘dictator’ is just another word for ‘king’…

How about you good citizen, would you be willing to give up this messy crap we call ‘democracy’ (even though what we suffer today couldn’t be more removed from ‘real democracy’ if they tried…and they have tried!) in order to welcome back a new royalty?

The French accepted a return to Royalty after violently deposing of their king and killing off their royal family…so we have, er, ‘proof’ it is possible.

But such a thing being possible DOESN’T make it any more desirable.

The first thing we need to set right is our shattered legal system.

Their mission is not just to ‘crush’ the (semi-educated) Middle Class but to obliterate it!

And, (again, in case you hadn’t noticed) they intend to ‘re-write history’ so that freedom is redefined as being the mercy of the king!

God help you if you cross the king because the king will soon assume his ‘rightful place’ as ‘god on earth’…

And if that happens, our species is doomed!

Thanks for letting me inside your head (‘cuz the king would never permit it!)


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