Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Job Opportunities

Greetings good citizen,

You have to wonder what will they think of next? when it comes to exploiting the tens of millions of homeless/ unemployed created by their mis-management (that their fucking statistics don’t keep track of!)

I mean WTF good citizen!

A marketing agency touched off a wave of criticism and debate when it hired members of the local homeless population to walk around carrying mobile Wi-Fi devices, offering conference goers Internet access in exchange for donations.

BBH Labs, the innovation unit of the international marketing agency BBH, outfitted 13 volunteers from a homeless shelter with the devices, business cards and T-shirts bearing their names: “I’m Clarence, a 4G Hotspot.” They were told to go to the most densely packed areas of the conference, which has become a magnet for those who want to chase the latest in technology trends.

The smart phone-toting, social-networking crowds often overwhelm cellular networks in the area, creating a market that BBH Labs hoped to serve with the “Homeless Hotspots” project, which it called a “charitable experiment.” It paid each participant $20 a day, and they were also able to keep whatever customers donated in exchange for the wireless service.

How fucking pathetic is it good citizen that we can look at this situation as, “Well, it was $20 they ordinarily wouldn’t have had…”

When the reality is that it is unlikely they’ll be seeing it again anytime soon!

Not like you can hop a bus and criss-cross the nation, going from event to event as a “homeless wi-fi hotspot”, even Greyhound isn’t that cheap and you’ve got to eat at some point in the game.

Pass out from hunger and your mobile device will disappear, then what are you gonna do? You’d be stuck in the middle of nowhere, both homeless and jobless.

Worse, the local capitalists would probably try to turn you into dog food!

(If the selfish fucks are willing to turn YOU into a mobile wireless hot spot (for a ‘generous’ $20 A DAY, they aren’t too far away from considering how much you’d fetch as ‘scrap protein’!)

Which is to ask, where is the borderline of human depravity?

Does it really hinge on how much you dare to push the limits or is the switch drawn from the other direction as the Milgram experiments demonstrate?

(Which is to draw attention to the ‘I was just following orders’ defense, where ordinary people were instructed give a fellow human ‘harmless’ electric shocks [of increasing intensity] to a victim who was strapped to a chair in another room.

When the victim pleaded for mercy, most people stopped and questioned the examiner (but continued when ordered to do so!)

Only one woman refused to participate from the onset. This, as it turns out, was an act of extraordinary bravery! How lucky would most of us be to draw that one dissenter from the 99 percent who go along to get along?

Which is to say good citizen, if you find yourself strapped to a chair with electrodes wired to your sensitive parts. It’s a pretty safe bet you’re about to experience something very unpleasant at the hands of somebody who is glad it’s not them in there strapped to a chair…in fact, they’re doing it because they’ve been told that it is the price of refusal!

Don’t push the button? Fine, then it’s your turn in the chair and I’ll (the sadistic examiner) will be the one pushing the button!

But, naturally, I digress!

It’s easy to do considering the mounting evidence of the collapse of our civilization.

More insidious, perhaps is the probability that what currently passes for ‘order’ WON’T collapse completely.

You’d think once the paychecks dry up that the whole shebang would come to a screeching halt…but not so!

How frightening is it good citizen to realize that not everybody is ‘money motivated’?

It’s a concept that is so frightening that most of us never consider it…but the ‘normal mind’ rejects out of hand the very idea of harvesting your fellow humans for their ‘meat’…

But we aren’t dealing with ‘normal minds’ here, which is why they are running circles around us!

The ‘unthinkable’ is happening because we continue to make the mistake of projecting our values onto people who don’t share those values!

Like the Walrus, my words mean exactly what I say they mean, nothing more and nothing less.

And like the Walrus, we are all plagued by the ‘imprecision of speech’ (that words often have more than one meaning, so ‘context’ is everything)

I deliberately chose the word ‘unthinkable’ because of its association with nuclear war and the ultimate annihilation of the human race.

Make no mistake about it, the ‘unthinkable’ is happening right under our very noses, right here and now and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it (short of revolt!)

The sad truth is you’re better off dying on your feet because they don’t need all of the sheeple willing to live on their knees…they’re gonna exterminate ya regardless!

Oh and nuclear war, don’t be stupid! Sure, nukes will be tossed around and major population centers will be wiped out BUT, it will all be ‘surgical’, the perps aren’t interested in ‘exterminating us’ entirely (someone still has to do the ‘grunt work’) but they are ‘intent’ on demonstrating that they mean business!

So…are you feeling ‘lucky’?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS: it’s gonna be one HOT summer!

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