Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Ayn Rand is dead…but the photos were taken while she was (allegedly) still alive…creepy, ain’t it?

How sad is it good citizen that her ideas live on?

Income taxes would end, so the lowest-paid, ten-cent-an-hour, non-OSHA-supervised factory workers would enjoy wages taxed at the same rate—zero—as their billionaire bosses in distant cities and foreign lands. Dynasties of American royalty would arise, as fortunes pass from generation to generation, untaxed.

Nonprofit organizations, apart from those serving the egos and social calendars of the self-indulging rich, would see their funding dry up as government support vanished. The super-wealthy, having repudiated their “giving pledge,” would now enjoy their riches without guilt, no longer motivated to share their billions with the poor. Philanthropy would be an obsolete relic of discarded moral codes and forgotten history.

Such is the Ayn Rand vision of paradise: an America that would resemble the lands from which our ancestors emigrated, altruism confined to ignored, fringe texts, grinding poverty and starvation coexisting alongside the opulence of the wealthy. Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York would become like Cairo and Calcutta, with walled enclaves protecting the wealthy from the malnourished, uneducated masses outside.

Why even bring this up? Because the >One Percent have embraced Rand’s (bizarre) cross of social Darwinism with ‘free market’ principles that more closely resemble the ‘laws of the jungle’.

How ironic is it that one would have to be a ‘Superman’ to survive in such an environment…although it could be argued that one would be better served having their head examined for even attempting such a foolish venture!

Sir Alan Greenspan is considered one of Rand’s closest associates…and much of what he believes was ‘influenced’ by Randian philosophy as well as the equally off the wall ‘efficient market hypotheses’ spewed by that other whack job, Milton Friedman…

The whole article quite accurately captures the horrors of that which is to come…(perhaps it is more accurate to say ‘is already here’, the ‘super-wealthy’ have had an absolutely astounding twenty year run,) but, sadly the time has come to pay the tab.

Now we get to the ‘horror’ part.

Without going into a decidedly twisted thread of logic, let it suffice to say that Rand’s ‘Libertarian Paradise’ is the kind of place where people would, indeed, kill one another on sight…seriously.

Shoot first, ask questions later.

(Funny how after they’re dead, they are ALL ‘enemy combatants’.
Did I mention that we are already headed in that direction?)

Weird how most of us fail to realize that we’re already ‘dancing with the Devil’ with each ‘State Sanctioned murder’.

Weirder still is how this is perfectly okay as long as it is some stranger because it will NEVER be one of us, or worse, you in particular…would it?

So we continue to dance along the edge of the cliff, blithely ignoring the danger, worse, blissfully ignorant of the fact that we are flirting with death itself…

How disturbing is it that it takes the same variety of blind arrogance to entertain either notion?

Dunno ‘bout the rest of you good citizens but I’m getting kind of nervous now that the rule of law no longer protects us and you can be ‘disappeared’ if you piss off the wrong people…(but that’s always been the case, hasn’t it?)

Dead is dead and it don’t matter if the mafia does it or the government gets ya. Hell, these days so looney tunes serial killer could do the same thing…but you really have to wonder, the ‘real deal’ HAS TO BE fairly rare, if there were as many of them as Hollywood would have us believe, the killings would be a daily event!

Now just take a second and look at how badly ‘mismanaged’ our society is (and what I mean by that is just consider what you’ve already read thus far, see the pattern?)

No accident and no ‘incompetence’, the ruthless socio-paths are deliberately shredding the very fabric of society so they can profit at our expense…and we can’t lift a single finger to stop them!

The lessons of the past have to be repeatedly re-learned:

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!

Well Houston, we have a problem…some greedy fuckers have gotten their sweaty little paws on a whole bunch of ‘absolute power’ and now we’ve got to snatch it away from ‘em before they hurt a whole bunch of people.
How fucking sad is it that the greedy little fuckers never hurt themselves with the stuff?

Maybe that’s what it takes to handle it safely, unbridled greed!

But the article shows us where ‘unbridled greed’ will lead.

The question is why we persist in following those who do not have our best interests at heart?

Are we too ‘optimistic’?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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