Monday, March 19, 2012

Invisible Sun

Greetings good citizen,

As I commented in my ‘American Empire’ post, much of the, er, ‘prosperity’ we allegedly enjoyed during the post WWII era was in fact, ‘propaganda’…

No different from the ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT they are spreading today.

Investors will be closely watching for another rise in interest rates when trading resumes on Monday, after the bond market’s sharpest move in nearly six months caught some traders by surprise last week.

Despite the sudden swing higher, most Wall Street strategists are playing down the danger of a surge in interest rates, which have been historically low because of demand for bonds from both the Federal Reserve and private investors wary of all but the safest assets.

The sell-off last week was caused by increasing signs that the economy might finally be gaining steam, lifting the yield on 10-year Treasury bonds to 2.31 percent on Friday, from 2.04 percent a week earlier. That was the biggest move in bond yields, which move inversely to bond prices, since October, when rates briefly topped 2.4 percent.

I doubt it is just me who chokes when he reads a corporate owned media article that cites a ‘recovery’ that only the corporate owned media can observe…through their super secret, bought and paid for ‘privileged information’ connections.

In fact, when it comes to the bullshit game, it is nearly impossible to decipher who tells who what.

Does the media tell the government what to report or vice versa?

Allegedly it is the other way around but does it matter when the report is incapable of withstanding even the mildest scrutiny?

But then again, we have become a society that ‘rewards’ fucking up!

Which is to point out what we all already know, bankers aren’t clear on what a bonus is, never mind why you would be granted one!

So I guess it isn’t ‘helpful’ to point out that falling applications for ‘NEW’ unemployment claims HAVE NO RELATIONSHIP to HIRING!
Just because fewer people are getting axed DOESN’T mean more are getting hired!

Never mind the fact that the recent upswing in hiring has been restricted almost exclusively to minimum wage, part time employment!

For some STRANGE REASON, you don’t hear the LYING FUCKS ‘crowing’ about that little FACT, do you?

NOPE, all YOU get is ‘less lay-offs mean more jobs’…(If you can’t live on what the job pays it’s not their problem, it’s YOURS!)

WTF, good citizen!

All right, moral outrage mode /off:

What does higher bond rates mean to you and me good citizen?

They mean it is getting more expensive to borrow money…certainly unhelpful when your money buys less and less, isn’t it?

Funny how that works, the less your money buys the more of it you need!

Which brings us to the other side of the madly unbalanced equation, which is, what have we been trading for our almost totally imported economy?

Um, like most ‘emerging economies’, we have been trading raw materials, natural resources and basic commodities for our Japanese cars and Chinese everything else…(If you’re an American Executive, you get a German car!)

It’s like yesterday’s nitwits that are still collecting to buy TENTS for Haiti!

It’s been three fucking years, wake the fuck up!

Of course, in the case of the (seriously conflicted) American nitwit, it has been three fucking decades, what’s wrong with you?

Are you living fucking proof that ‘stupid is permanent’?

(Sorry, I’ll have to get the ‘moral outrage’ switch looked at…off again.)

Fair warning, there is no guarantee it will stay ‘off’.

It is unnecessary to remind you that I’m not getting paid for this, not now and not ever.

While Marx got royalties for his multiple ‘manifestoes’, he still died broke.

So in the extremely unlikely event that A Simple Plan does take off and I get the (thankless) job of overseeing its implementation. Neither my heirs/progeny, nor I will exit office ‘rich’ by anyone’s (conservatives don’t count, they think you’re fucking King Midas if you’re still breathing upon exiting ‘public service’!) standards.

But that is neither here nor there good citizen, I should stop screwing around and take advantage of the gorgeous early summer like conditions that have graced us here in New England as winter draws to a close…

I know better than to get too used to such a thing. We often lament in mid-May that the weather was more ‘hospitable’ in mid-March!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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