Wednesday, March 21, 2012


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The world’s stock markets WERE bleeding from the eye-sockets earlier but the financial ‘wunderkind’ on Wall Street are chasing those ‘green tears’ away by insisting that values are much higher than they currently are!

For no observable reason, no less!

Aren’t ‘confidence games’ fun?

Well, what do you suppose the take away is on this, er, ‘non-news’ item?
The customs piece of it can be substantial. Each item shipped overseas has to be labeled with information like country of origin and materials used. And certain products cannot go to certain nations — Spain, for instance, forbids imported playing cards, according to FiftyOne, while to send an alligator purse to someone outside the United States, retailers need a Fish and Wildlife Service permit.

Delivery, meanwhile, could cost as much as the product itself. Macy’s said that it could cost $200 to send $100 worth of merchandise to Australia after adding shipping costs and the value-added tax.

The Macy’s Web site will soon detect the location of international visitors, and show them a welcome screen in the local language that explains how international shopping and shipping works. After the welcome screen, the shoppers browse the English-language site used by shoppers in the United States, but at checkout they get a final price, plus shipping costs, in their local currency.

Is the ‘newsworthy feature’ here the fact US retailers are now chasing a rapidly shrinking customer pool into their foreign homes?

Remember, back in the high flying days before the crash, 80% of retails sales were attributed to the top 20% of the income distribution!

This is a situation that has only grown worse as money/credit has become further concentrated at the, er, ‘upper reaches’ of global society.

People I have grown accustomed to calling the ‘the new royalty’.

(And are they ever gonna be pissed when [almost nobody] bows to them/drops to their knees when they enter a room! These sick fucks honestly think they deserve it…but so did their predecessors.)

Well, that bridge will burn when it gets here, it will probably take ‘em centuries to bring some, er, ‘customs’ back. In the old days it was easy. People were accustomed to ‘prostrating themselves before god’ so if you wanted people to prostrate themselves before you, it was simple, all you had to do is tell them that their ‘god’ chose you to be his proxy here on Earth.

To be in your presence was the exact same thing as being in his!

So without ever having to say the words, people (accustomed to prostrating themselves before god) would ‘automatically’ prostrate themselves before you!

But then again there’s the ‘monkey see, monkey do’ thang still goin’ on. Only a handful of suck ups could have the rest of us bowing and scraping before someone we ordinarily wouldn’t wipe our feet on!

It would also amaze most of us as to how quickly a ‘display of fealty’ would become mandatory, with the death penalty attached to ‘non-compliance’.

You only THINK things couldn’t get much worse than the already are

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! History has shown us that weird can be the ‘word of the day’, every day, almost overnight!

And while you’re scrambling to keep your feet under you, the assholes are laughing at you because they’re playing YOU like a puppet on a string!

Instead of blowing up in righteous indignation, you will (most amusingly) embarrass not only yourself but everybody else who has no idea what is expected of them…(except the shut up and nod when told to do so crowd! That’s their whole role in the entire freak show!

It will (as always) be, er, ‘difficult’ to rebel when the self-styled ‘leaders’ are instructing us on how we are expected to behave…and killing/maiming any who get it wrong!

And like I said, just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse.

But that’s something to think about for the upcoming elections (which are doomed to fail) then our ‘self-professed betters’ will seize the reins of power and make it their mission to teach us all some ‘respect for authority’. [As they brutally put down the armed insurrection their power grab will incite!]

Worse I suppose are these posts that point to the ‘unraveling’ of our civilization and disintegrate into grim warnings of that which is to come.

Why, when everything is falling apart, would the fucktards responsible for this disaster decide it was time to teach the (non-revolting) members of the public ‘etiquette and decorum?

They do this to keep a leash on you. The ones who ‘obey’ when they should be fighting are useful, the ones who resist need to be weeded out and made examples of!

Insisting on ‘proper behavior’ is what our public education system is all about.

The need to send you ‘back to school’ has nothing to do with furthering your education…you’re already ‘smarter’ than they’re comfortable with.

No, it’s the ‘pay to play’ system writ large.

Does it pay off every time? No.

It only pays off if you are very lucky or if you have somebody ‘watching your back’ for you.

How sad is it that those little favors end up being so costly when it’s time to pay them back?

So when they kick down your front door, how are you gonna go…with your hands on your head or the trigger of your gun?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS: They can only kill you once, but if given the chance, they would be more than willing to make you WISH they would kill you a thousand times a day!

Keep your finger on the trigger and here's to hoping your aim is true!

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