Thursday, March 15, 2012

Post 900, The Difference

Greetings good citizen,

While the ‘cracks’ in our civilization appear to have widened visibly overnight we still haven’t reached ‘the end of the line’ the Doomsday crowd is ‘preparing’ for.

I’m gonna have to ‘go off’ on that topic in the not too distant future, partly because of the ‘bird-brains’ they have ‘judging’ these psycho’s efforts.

There’s a dynamic at play in this whole ‘hoarding to survive’ meme that is more then a little ironic, considering how we got to this point in the first place.

Behind this latest collapse of ‘Western Civilization’ is ‘more for me’ capitalism.

Now just how ironic is it that some of these greedy fucktards are trying to ‘buy their way out’ of a situation CREATED by this very same GREED?

Worse, they are justifying what they do as ‘protecting’ THEIR food source from, er, ‘predators’ (formerly known as ‘employees’! Although let’s not forget Chumps and Muppets!)

If you don’t have enough bullets to ‘kill ‘em all’ I’ve got bad news for ya, it’s not YOUR food, it’s everybody’s!

But, (naturally) I digress.

Today’s offering shows us the true dynamics of civilization, (a dynamic the so-called conservatives ignore!)

Put this in the context of only conservatives running in this fall’s election and howl with dismay!
The view that the private sector is the independent engine of economic growth is obviously false. It’s time for an articulated economic framework which describes how the modern state has worked in an active co-venture with the for-profit sector.

Who knows what kind of tax system on debt position the nation would be in if we had created a venture capital bank that explicitly shared in commercial revenues as all venture capitalists do? Put another way, what would a public finance system look like if the public shared the private profit and personal wealth that was made with the help of our money?

Elizabeth Warren has clarified how the social web and the physical infrastructure that government supports is essential to market function, growth and wealth creation. It makes sense to go a step further and clarify how government action and public dollars serve as a direct partner with the private sector in advancing growth and wealth. Then, it would not be so easy to take the money and run.

Government’s ‘JOB’ is to provide for (all) of society (not just the One fucking Percent.)

UNDERSTAND, it is the government that gives legitimacy to EVERYTHING (including religion!) thus when your government undergoes a ‘hostile take-over’ like ours obviously has (and I’m talking world-wide here, good citizen.) You end up with ‘mis-management’ on the scale we’re currently witnessing!

Mis-management that leads to situations like this

Which are the Middletowns of our new era of precarious living? Is it Muncie, whose denuded industrial landscape tells a familiar story of Rust Belt decline? Or is it the new industrial landscapes of Smyrna and Spring Hill, Tennessee, where jobs that look a lot like those the residents of Muncie once had have become posts for a downwardly mobile working class? Or is it Sun Belt boom-cities like Nashville, where the promise of postindustrial transcendence has created its own reserve army of low-wage service employment, condemning many to lives of permanent poverty and vulnerability? Or is it some byzantine conurbation of them all, a commons of the American Nightmare—a Middletown of the 99 percent?

Muncie was my first stop, for it seemed as good a place as any to begin a tour of working-class life in America, to discover what it once had been and what it had become.

Which is to point out what you’ve all know all along…what happened here was no ‘accident’. Nor was it what they try to pass it off as, ‘incompetence’.

The destruction of our civilization (by and for the greedy) was quite deliberate.

The part that sucks is THEY will insist it is OUR FAULT they did what they did.

And much carnage could have been averted IF we had stopped them sooner…BUT, by then they had the keys and were firmly in the proverbial ‘driver’s seat’, all we could do then was to wait for the inevitable ‘crash’!

Um, the reason we are standing PRECISELY where we were almost a hundred years ago is because LAST TIME, the fucking perps ‘walked’, nobody ‘paid the price’ for destroying the economy.

Which leads me to opine that this time they will pay in spades!

[Either that or we will abandon the entire concept of living ‘socially’ and become ‘lone predators’, killing (or enslaving) one another on sight until our eventual extinction. (Which for some species won’t be soon enough, given what we’ve done to their habitat.)]

But I strongly doubt the latter option (as attractive as it might sound to a pin-headed Libertarian…)

So as you wade through the offal that masquerades as ‘news’ try not to get too discouraged, the old world is passing away…but a new one is about to rise…and it is this new one that we need to fight for!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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