Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Batshit Insane

Greetings good citizen,

First (business day) of the New Year and I had a lot of bases to cover…worse, I’m not done yet. From the ground transportation point of view we enjoyed a rather busy ‘end of the year’ pop with attorneys staying late to get deals out the door before the New Year.

Now that the New Year is here it is anybody’s guess as to how busy it will be.

One thing is for sure; the ‘pressure’ is off.

From a ‘social barometer’ point of view the legal profession is considered ‘first base’. Everything starts with a contract defining just who gets paid for what, when.

This is why the year’s New Year’s predictions were so troubling, there haven’t been many positive developments that would indicate a turn around for the coming year.

Plenty of trouble both near and far but all of the ‘good news’ has been of the ‘it could have been worse’ variety.

Unless, of course, you were involved somehow with the ‘crime of the century’ then your ‘big bonanza’ has been remaining, for the moment, ‘unindicted’…

It will be quite interesting to see just how many of these weasels, er, ‘evade’ justice. So far they have proven masterful in, er, ‘preventing’ any conclusive evidence from coming to light.

You know when something truly damning does surface, it will be at the obscure periphery where the average individual isn’t likely to connect ‘A’ to ‘B’.

The REALLY fucked up part will be how this minor discrepancy will be ‘spun’ into ‘Well, we finally got to the bottom of the whole thing and now it won’t happen again!’

Sure…Right…just keep smiling and pray that nobody fucks up again in the next few weeks or it will all come undone and you’ll all look like a bunch of idiots.

Naturally, most of us find the ‘whitewash’ more disturbing than the crime itself. Bad enough the fuckers screwed a shitload of people but they will also, ultimately, escape justice as well. At least they will as long as they are the ones who, er, ‘control’ the people who make justice happen.

Until there’s a revolution (one that isn’t subverted before it’s over or worse, initiated solely to cover their crimes) you know the fuckers, the REAL criminals will get away with their misdeeds.

It’s the ‘meet the new boss…same as the old boss’ happy horseshit.

If the ‘new broom’ doesn’t clean out the WHOLE former power structure it is still the old broom and it will do a shitty job.

We don’t need platitudes; we need blood. Everything even remotely related to the ‘old guard’ has to go and most of it has to be destroyed!

Sorry for the bluntness but that’s the facts, Jack!

And yet another day goes by without a post…

So here we are; one day later and only a tiny bit wiser.

Um, the ‘big story’ of yesterday was (evidently) that of the Republican’s promise to ‘roll back’ the progress made during Obama’s first two years.

Can you say ‘good luck with that’?

The ‘spineless’ Democrats will (suddenly) grow a backbone and block them in the Senate while their major campaign contributors (Wall Street and the F.I.R.E. industries) hold onto their ‘mandates’.

Basically good citizen, just how SHITTY is it that? Take a virtually worthless ‘universal healthcare plan’ (the worst of all possible outcomes) and then have the party that enacted it be forced to defend the same shitty plan so the people who actually destroyed our economy can make political hay!

Talk about a fucking Kabuki Dance! Is this the ‘will of the people’ or ‘plausible denial’?

Which is to ask if are we to credibly believe Republican claims that ‘they tried’ to get it repealed?

They know what everybody else already knows going into this farce, they won’t succeed, and worse, they don’t want to succeed.

If they did manage to repeal the unpopular mandate they’d be forced to re-instate it at some time in the future (because ‘for profit’ healthcare doesn’t work without 100% participation.)

Did I mention mismanagement?

Which brings us full circle to the issue that nobody is confronting; how the fuck do we turn this shipwreck around?

Short answer isn’t necessary here good citizen, the current ‘system’ doesn’t provide us with a mechanism we can use to peacefully fix our government, it’s simply not there.

But maybe ‘peaceful’ isn’t in the cards regardless of what we desire.

And that’s a damn shame.

None of this economic torment is ‘necessary’ and anyone who dies trying to preserve the current corrupt to the core system will die needlessly.

But die they will.

As I have stated repeatedly, ALL MONEY IS FUNNY, it’s meaningless, it’s even downright unnecessary (except for its ‘regulatory’ effect.) So listening to the idiot conservatives arguing that we need to ‘save’ money is utter nonsense…but that’s the ‘core’ tenant of conservatism, isn’t it.

We (desperately) need to restore balance to our economy so we can rebalance the planet’s ecology.

Destroying the planet so a few can be rich is simply insane…(but so are the greedheads) People who truly don’t understand the ‘true’ nature of, er, ‘wealth’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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