Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Body Armor

Greetings good citizen,

As I sit here contemplating how to get my hands on some (slightly used) body armor (preferably with as little blood on it as possible.) I marvel over the level of, er, ‘tolerance’ being displayed by the now huge number of people being pushed to the edge.

We have recently ‘suffered’ killer cold over the past couple of days (and it ain’t over yet despite having ‘warmed up’ enough to snow.)

We can only wonder if A.) the bodies have not yet been discovered or B.) those who froze to death were deemed ‘un-newsworthy’ by our politically sensitive, yet ‘tone deaf’ media.

Incredibly, there hasn’t been a single death reported. Does this mean nobody froze to death? I highly doubt it.

What’s more important good citizen, a few frozen poor people or the illusion that capitalism works (and if it doesn’t work for you, it’s your fault!)

The question here is would they lie to you to keep you believing the big lie?

That is not a question for me to answer but one you must answer yourself.

Speaking of lies were you wondering what was behind yesterday’s 108 point boost to the Dow? Well, wonder no more! Mr. Panzer supplies the most curious answers as he asks Recovery? What recovery?

When administering the collapse of our nation becomes a ‘growth market’ it is time to seriously question the effectiveness of those managing our affairs. (Never mind that it is long past time we did something about it!)

So yeah…body armor, because someone to dig a bullet out of your hyde will be hard to come by once the phones stop working and the lights go out.

Worse, you don’t want it just for your front, it’s your back that needs watching!

If you haven’t got some you should be thinking about how you can get some.

But enough said on that topic.

I know I’m not the only one watching with horror the growing disconnect between conditions on the ground and what the CO media reports.

I suspect the media is trying to provoke an attack that will provide cover for the ‘dissolution’ of our the current government.

Why ‘disappear’ the current government? Every criminal act they committed under the ‘old government’ will be legal under the new one, regardless of how short-lived it is.

Didn’t I comment during the Bush years that he looked ‘surprisingly confident’ that he would not be held accountable for his criminal actions?

At the very least he is a war criminal. I wonder what the ‘statue of limitations’ are on that?

Worse, just who the fuck dreamed up the kooky idea that if you’re not caught and prosecuted within a certain period of time, you’re home free? You don’t suppose it was the criminals, do you?

Does anyone need more evidence of just who is running this, er, lunatic asylum?

What was the dude who penned ‘with Liberty and Justice for all’ smoking?

Sort of re-defines the term ‘slogan’ doesn’t it? It’s just something you say that sounds good, stupid you if you actually believe it.

Well, what do you say good citizen, is it time for more Forrest Gump? (Stupid is as stupid does?)

As I have said before, I tend to believe a vast majority of you are smarter than you’re given credit for.

Better, given a free hand, you could build the kind of world our children would be proud of.

Step one towards that noble goal is removing the boot of the oppressor from your neck.

Hang ‘em high!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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