Thursday, January 13, 2011

The incredible shrinking economy

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Didn’t we determine during the recent mid-term elections that the Tea Party was only 33,000 strong?

Now consider that while you ponder the impossibility of the Republican (Tea Party) victory in the mid-terms that returned control of the House back to the party of ‘no’.

As I have stated before, the Corporate owned media preformed that little bit of ‘sleight of hand.’ And it’s still going on by their ongoing ‘charade’ that there are more conservative voters than the voter registration records say there are.

A vast majority of ‘Independent’ voters are disgruntled Democrats, not , er, ‘militant Conservatives’.

Democrats, even former Democrats know that conservatives ruin the economy (while making the rich richer.) It’s what they do. Trickle Down theory is exactly how it works for these traitorous turncoats…although that’s not a fair description because the term ‘turncoat’ implies that they were once trustworthy.

Sadly you can’t trust a conservative as far as you can throw them…which is to imply that you can throw them further than you can trust them.

tonight’s first offering leads me to suspect that the subject is difficult to write about (because there are so few articles that explore this, er, ‘symptom’ of civic collapse.

The Violence of the Broken Economy

Other nations have a history of violence associated with their sitting governments, that is not the case here in the US of A. We, like Japan, are a nation of ‘law abiding citizens’ (which is not to discount the crooks who rule us, I’m talking about the majority here.)

Thanks to those same self-interested crooks we have the incredible shrinking economy to deal with. There is new evidence showing No jobs for more than three out of four unemployed workers

Dunno if the conservatives got wind that this article was in the pipeline but there was a recent flurry of denial regarding what has come to be known as ‘the new normal’.

It’s not the undefined Liberals who keep insisting there’s nothing wrong with the economy but the conservatives, who are forever bitching about the wrong things and constantly wondering why it’s all so screwed up?

Not to throw stones, mind you. The Liberal side of the argument is just as ‘tone deaf’ as the conservative side is. here’s just one example of how far off the mark mainstream opinion is on the topic of the economy.

How unfortunate is it that the economy is incapable of ‘fixing’ itself.

Worse, how much do you want to bet that this will be touted as what needs to be done to set us back on the path to prosperity?

This is even more asinine than thinking that extending the Bush tax cuts will promote more job creation.

If they haven’t done the job for five years, what makes them think two more will turn the trick?

Is this yet another example of ‘stupid is as stupid does?’

Well don’t look now but ‘stupid’ is running things around here…and there ain’t a fucking thing you can do about it.

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