Monday, January 17, 2011

The War on Sanity

Greetings good citizen,

Forgive me for 'paraphrasing' the title of Mr. Krugman's offering today but I felt his piece missed the mark by a considerable margin...such are the limitations of having to pass muster with an editor first.

Imagine my posts being required to pass muster with an editor, the unfortunate person assigned to that unforgiving task would probably have a nervous breakdown every day!

Speaking of which:

Seems the media is doing all it can to build its case against the Tucson Assassin (the case that he was a whacko BEFORE he went on a rampage and how Republican rhetoric had absolutely nothing to do it. Despite Jerky’s endless quoting of Glenn Beck, which is probably ‘just a coincidence’…)

Hey, he lived in a Red State; ‘full immersion’ was to be expected…

How fucking sad is THAT?

Unsurprisingly, the editor of the Local Rag used his bully pulpit to chime in on how the ‘haters’ over at Daily Kos were simply using the incident as a cheap trick to silence their ‘ideological opponents’.

To be a ‘true conservative’ you must automatically reject anything posted on the (heavily Libertarian, not ‘liberal’) Daily Kos.

Which is bizarre considering everybody knows that if you cross a Republican with a Libertarian, you get a Tea Partier!

Worse, a Democrat who claims to be a Libertarian is merely displaying his blatant ignorance of either ideology. (And guess what Kos claims to be…yup, ignorant!)

The two (concepts/ideologies) are polar opposites and can only co-exist in the ‘nothing go up top’ mind of a Libertarian.

But it seems we have more pressing problems than ‘fake’ Democratic web sites that ubiquitously push a conservative agenda.

[Anyone who would keep you locked into an obviously corrupt system IS NOT your ‘friend’.]

Do you get my point good citizen? The fucking oligarchs are busy shadow-boxing themselves, a distraction to prevent you from tuning out and rebelling against their obvious ‘hype’.

Full disclosure: I was ‘chased off’ the Daily Kos site four years ago by the (then) decidedly Libertarian ‘staff’.

So, to me, ‘Progressive’ = ‘Libertarian’.

Funny how those who would block change insist that they are on the side of ‘progress’…

Worse is how the status quo keeps re-inventing itself as the ‘opposition’.

There is perhaps one method of determining the ‘reliability’ of the media and that is how the truth is often stranger than fiction.

Have you noticed how the news is often ‘too smooth’? The stuff that ordinarily would make the paper worth reading has been purposefully deemed ‘un-newsworthy’, while stuff you could care less about routinely vies for your already shattered attention.

Sure, the headlines are ‘outrageous’ until you get into the story and realize that this is the same ‘bogeyman’ the press was all excited about two years ago.

Worse is the tendency to ‘re-tread’ old news, same bullshit, different day.

How many times will they kill ‘the number 2 man’ in Al Quida (of Podunk)?

Must be a ‘cursed’ job because they are ALWAYS killing that poor son of a bitch!

Which only makes their lack of success when it comes to eliminating the number one man that much more, er, curious? Do the self-professed ‘Hawks’ REALLY want Osama dead?

Doesn’t look like it from here.

Left to your imagination good citizen is whether or not they are EVER going to succeed in, er, ‘eliminating’ the now aged leader of Arab terrorism?

Since killing Osama would jeopardize the trillions being spent to, er, what the hell are we trying to accomplish over there again? Doesn’t matter. Killing Osama (at this point in the game, he’s damn near dead anyway,) would require we ‘manufacture’ his replacement, if only to keep the ‘gravy train’ rolling.

Since we are now ten years into the aptly named ‘long war’, if you are incapable of seeing how this whole fucking adventure was nothing but a ‘cash machine’ for the paranoid right, you are some kind of stupid!

Now how ‘confident’ are you that the right actually won re-election last November?

The fact that we’re still there and NOBODY can define what victory looks like is enough to convince any SANE individual NOT to vote Republican…and yet our media insists we did (fucking liars!)

Not that the ‘actors’ who represent us have any real ideology. The do what their ‘sponsors’ tell them to do, confident that the Secret Service will take out most of the incompetents who attempt to assassinate them.

Most is probably as good as its going to get…for now. Soon nothing will be up to the job and going out in public will be a non-starter, not just for some but all of them.

The ‘quality’ of our representation has been found lacking and ‘the governed’ might just withdraw their ‘consent’.

But our lack of history with revolt leaves the incumbents with a mighty advantage. Oddly, the first rebellion is always the hardest.

Maybe we should have paid closer attention to the Whiskey Rebellion back when the people of this nation, fresh from Europe, were more able to readily recognize tyranny than the people of today are.

Considering the warped and twisted bullshit we are all spoon-fed from birth, most of us wouldn’t recognize tyranny if we were forced to watch our own parents be drawn and quartered for insulting a capitalist.

THAT’S when you know the ‘elite’ have become ‘entrenched’.

What’s wrong with this picture is that we no longer have any idea as to how to deal with this unseemly turn of events.

But you didn’t need me to tell you that.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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