Monday, January 10, 2011

A Perfect World

Greetings good citizen,

I found myself staring in the mirror today accused of crimes against society.

Albeit, good citizen, ‘in a perfect world’ the scales of justice would operate as they are intended to and there would NEVER be a need to take ‘justice’ into our own hands.

Now we can all wonder just where we left the ‘perfect world’ where all one need do is petition the courts and justice would be served, hot and fresh!

Yes good citizen, funny thing about living in a society where ‘gold rules’, the ones with the gold make the rules and they can even exempt themselves from those rules!

So much for today’s ‘reality check’.

While I may point my weapon at certain institutions or ideologies, I have NEVER targeted a specific individual for violence.

Do I think ALL conservatives should be hung for treason? I most certainly do.

This is no more serious than conservatives calling for the ‘lynching of liberals’ (like any of them would know a liberal if they tripped over one…) I doubt the fact I’d be willing to give the conservatives a ‘fair trial’ makes it any different.

Um, this ‘call for order’ would be all fine and well IF this weren’t already ‘the broken land’…to call for order now is like demanding a trial after being captured by pirates, an exercise in futility.

We can all see precisely ‘where’ incidents like Saturday’s attempted murder of a sitting Congresswoman are leading us. If our politicians aren’t ‘safe’, the rest of us aren’t either.

I have opined repeatedly that as the fabric of society unravels, the protocols that prevent us from killing one another on sight wear ever thinner.

What do you suppose is going to happen when those protocols ‘disappear’?

Or, more pointedly, ‘when’ can we expect this to occur…and the answer is approximately 15 seconds after the catastrophic failure of the 911 network.

Worse, this is closer than you think…especially with the ‘tax cutting Republicans’ in charge of the budget.

No pay, no work is a fairly ‘universal’ concept. As ‘heroic’ as our law enforcement personnel are, they don’t do what they do out of the ‘goodness of their (immense) hearts’, they do what they do for what Republicans are now calling ‘highly inflated, union wages.’

Probably a good thing that there aren’t any jobs out there or most cops would simply ‘walk off the job’ once their paychecks were slashed to satisfy ‘budget constraints’.

(Which would be, totally artificial, given the ‘funny’ nature of money.)

Given how close we are to the day when there won’t be anything standing in the way of ‘politically motivated’ violence…hell, in some cases it won’t even be investigated. Is now a ‘good time’ to, er, ‘plea for restraint’?

We’d all like to live in ‘A perfect world’ but until that world comes along we have to deal with the one we’ve been stuck with. One that has drifted a long way from anything even remotely resembling ‘justice’.

How the ‘one in five’ crowd has become a ‘majority’ remains a ‘miracle of the media’ and understand it is THEY who are demanding that those who oppose their conservative agenda (the same agenda that brought us ‘Free Trade’) should be slain!

Is NOW really the time to ‘keep silent’?

It is if you WANT to see our society become an unopposed totalitarian oligarchy.

I am not accusing anyone of anything. Mr. Krugman is certainly correct in his appeal to our better nature, if only because once hell breaks loose, it will be a real son of a bitch to put it back in the bottle.

Most people aren’t eager to see our civilization collapse. History tells us things didn’t work out real well for the Romans when their society collapsed.

One of the parallels here is both civilizations were seriously in debt to the, er, ‘ruling class’, to the point where the oppressed Romans welcomed the barbarians as ‘saviors’ (at least initially. They soon learned the magnitude of their collective ‘miscalculation’.)

Our own current perilous circumstances prove that ‘peace’ often comes at far too dear a price. (We have done nothing while our nation has been ‘hollowed out’ all around us. At least the Native Americans fought back!)

You can try ‘loving’ the conservatives into submission but that hasn’t worked out too well so far. It seems simply ignoring them has proven ineffective too.

When they turn up on your doorstep with their torches and their pitchforks it will be a little too late to decide you should have fought fire with fire.

No one is contesting that in ‘A Perfect World’ it would be unnecessary to call for restraint. Justice would be swift and sure, insuring no one got away with what the oligarchs regularly get away with today.

Where the hell are those ‘men both good and true’ the founders were relying on to keep our nation ‘in balance’?

You don’t suppose they are all ‘napping’, do you?

Although what I heard was they were all ‘squeezed out’ during the Nixon years (and the ones Nixon didn’t get Reagan ‘mopped up’.

We need only look as far as Mr. Obama’s ‘stellar’ choices in cabinet appointments to see a Washington culture so polluted by corruption and special interests that it proves my theory that both the ‘D’ and the ‘R’ have been rendered meaningless. All ‘candidates’ come from the same in-bred pool consisting of the oligarch’s ‘lapdogs’ (‘yes men’ if you will.)

In a perfect world, we could demand justice be done and let ‘by-gones be by-gones’, do what needed to be done to put the country back on track and move forward.

But I don’t need to remind any of you that this is NOT, by any stretch of the imagination, a perfect world.

Hey, in my own defense, it is not MY FAULT that the penalty for treason is DEATH BY HANGING…I am, quite simply, calling for ‘justice’ to be done.

{The repeated charge of ‘treason’ (on my part) is based on the conservatives propensity to put their own interests ahead of the interests of society, which, by definition, IS treason. Their accusations of treason are based on their decidedly ‘twisted’ ideology of ‘hooray for me and fuck you!’}

Peace but NOT 'at any price'...)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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