Saturday, January 15, 2011

What (a) Recovery (?)

Greetings good citizen,

We’re into the second week of the New Year and it seems some people are still in a reflective mood.

Ilargi hasn’t come to the realization that all money is funny, always has been and (A Simple Plan aside) always will be.

Naturally, I need to explain my reason for exempting my own scheme from the ‘funny money’ set from which no currency or currency substitute can escape.

Did I just contradict myself…yes…and no. Money under A Simple Plan will still be ‘funny’ BUT it will NOT serve to enrich the individual at the expense of society, a weakness every other form of currency shares.

I’m sure THAT cleared everything up, didn’t it?

Inflation, deflation…two sides of the same blunt instrument and both have the exact same cause, a ‘lack of faith’ either in the instrument itself or the institution behind the instrument.

As I have been saying for years now, the real ‘danger’ facing civilization is the loss of faith in the institutions that keep the lights on and the water running…essentially leading to a collapse of the supply chain.

Shorthand: you cannot afford to keep providing either goods or services to someone whose method of payment is questionable.

Understand: the entire global banking network is kept functioning via ‘creative accounting’ (and this is due to theft on the part of those who ‘own’ banks. How lucky is it for them that they also ‘own’ the government?)

You wouldn’t continue to surrender your labor to an employer who ‘bounces’ your paychecks any more than you would continue to buy a commodity from a merchant that routinely overcharges you.

But when they all start ‘skinning you alive’ it becomes a question of how long you can remain solvent, how much you can give up before ‘must comply’ intrudes, wrecking your already precarious finances.

Which leads us to more creative accounting that forms the basis for ‘the new normal’, a radically smaller economy where fewer people prosper while more are thrown onto the ‘surplus’ heap.

Left for your curious mind to decipher is how the ‘useful idiot’ is separated from the less useful one (when age isn’t a factor.)

Is this determined by their willingness to ‘drink the Kool Aide?’

Which leaves us with the disturbing question of whether or not we want to live in a nation of ‘useful idiots’?

El Rushbo seems to think so.

The thing to keep in mind good citizen is split in this nation is NOT 50-50; it’s 20-80 with the neo-conservatives holding the short straw.

It is, ironically, the same split the ‘new normal’ is shooting for, 20% of us working while the rest suffer extreme poverty.

So what is your ‘goal’ good citizen?

Will you help the majority overcome the minority that is conspiring to enslave them or will you do your ‘patriotic duty’ and defend the indefensible?

The global elite awaits your answer…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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