Wednesday, January 5, 2011

'Liberal Bias'

Greetings good citizen,

We all know (because the media has told us, repeatedly) that there is a definite ‘liberal bias’ in the mainstream media.

Um, suspiciously, few seem to find this, er, ‘allegation’ to be itself ‘biased’. More interesting is the fact that since this claim was originally made today’s media has a decidedly (and easily detectable) conservative slant…and nobody is bitching about that…

Which should tell you something.

Something about the ‘4th Estate’ being co-opted (as I recently pointed out.)

Yes good citizen, since ‘the war against liberal bias in the media’ went public, the consensus is that the ‘conservative media is ‘unreliable’ at best and ‘untrustworthy’ most of the time…but at least they got rid of the damn liberal bias!

But today’s story is even more interesting (and sure to evoke more howling from conservatives about the biased ‘liberal media’. Today’s story is one of how conservative legislators are seeking the direct input of this nation’s oligarchs regarding what legislation (they think) needs fixing?

You can rest assured that you won’t see these Republicans leading the charge to formulate solutions for these issues!

This is what the ‘ballot box' produces when you combine it with ‘Private Enterprise’ that also owns the ‘free press’.

I don’t think any of you needs to be educated to the fact that the ownership of an object and its freedom (or calling it ‘free’) is a ‘contradiction of terms’ commonly referred to as an ‘oxymoron’.

Under wretched Capitalism, the ‘owner’ of a media outlet gets to dictate that outlet’s, er, ‘position’ on any given topic…this ‘freedom’ stops with the will and pleasure of the owner, the rest of us can go suck rocks if we don’t like it/agree with what the media reports.

Worse, it doesn’t have to be the ‘truth’ (because said owner is ‘free’ to express their ‘opinion’, even if they are election results.)

How else do you think elections get ‘stolen’?

Think this isn’t a problem, even Thomas Jefferson fretted about the ‘over-reliance’ our system of government has on MEN ‘both good and true’…

What do you suppose has been done since the 1790’s to diminish these concerns of the Founders?

That’s right, NOTHING!

Worse, good citizen, is the alternative. Once such a system becomes corrupted, the only way to (positively) repair it is to (completely) eliminate it.

There is no ‘middle ground’.

Anyone who insists otherwise is trying to deceive you.

No irony should be lost on the fact that this brings us full circle to the one contentious object that IS the root of all of our problems.

This is actually quite humorous when viewed from the ‘all money is funny’ perspective.

The thing you need to wrap your head around is THE ONLY WAY OUT is through the ‘funny money’ door!

I suppose, once again, it would be wise to repeat that it is not my intention to tell you what to think (that is what the Republican Party exists for) but to give you something to think about, sometimes by pointing out what you aren’t seeing.

You were RAISED to BELIEVE that MONEY was GODSENT, that GOD invented money and for that reason alone, MONEY was SACRED!

Bad news good citizen…your self-professed ‘betters’ lied to you.

It is positively astounding how many people believe that money has its roots in God…not that the fuckers who print the junk didn’t do everything in their power to foster that belief…

This is absolutely hilarious to an Atheist; two ‘make believe’ concepts in one and both of them are ‘man-made’! It is just too rich!

Step one is realizing the ‘faith based’ nature of that failed attempt to simplify barter.

It staggers the mind to consider how much we endure due to this treacherous mind game the players inflict upon the rest of us.

What is truly mind-boggling is what will happen when/if people realize they have been ‘played’?

We’ve all experienced the anger others display when they learn that they have been ‘cheated’.

This is the ‘landmine’ the financial sector is currently tap-dancing upon.

Worse, good citizen, the ‘decision’ to NOT meet longstanding social obligations (by so-called conservatives) is a conscious one.

The ‘mis-managers’ of our society DO NOT KNOW what they are doing because they are COMPLETELY IGNORANT regarding the ‘true nature’ of, er, money, which has but one useful purpose to society.

They do understand one thing though…they KNOW they are cheating everybody else…and this knowledge scares them spitless because they KNOW what they would do if the shoes were reversed.

No irony should be lost on the new perspective this revelation gives to concepts like ‘the rapture’…God save them indeed! (It will be the ONLY way they escape ‘death most horrible’.)

Which probably explains why the ‘desecration of a corpse’ is a crime…because the dead don’t care. What happens to the ‘meat-suit’ after you’re gone is of little consequence.

But I digress, this is morbid beyond the usual grim fare normally served.

Sadly, if you don’t have the stomach for it, you’re definitely not going to like the not too distant future.

THAT will redefine the term ‘grim’.

But enough is enough,

Thanks for letting me inside your head,

With apologies but no excuses, the future is what it is,


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