Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inside the paper cup...

Greetings good citizen,

Here we are again, back inside the ‘paper cup’ the corporate media reports from. Which is to say the ‘fantasy world’ where all is well and conservatives have all of the answers.

(Didn’t we conclude yesterday that there is no ‘conservative bias’ in the media? At least according to the decidedly conservative Corporate media.)

Yesterday we also reached the conclusion that the ‘new and improved, fair and balanced’ media was considerably less reliable and trustworthy than the accursed ‘Liberal Media’.

It’s just a ‘cowinkidink’ that the new, can’t believe a word they say media popped into existence immediately after a highly illegal ‘consolidation’ of national media markets.

But the criminal acts of lawyers aren’t illegal if the perps pay off the right officials.

Which brings us full circle to the ‘crux’ of the whole situation. Most of you believe we have money problems when what we really have are legal problems!

It is NOT POSSIBLE to solve our financial crisis as long as our legal system remains inoperative/non-responsive.

We are faced with, as everyone is slowly realizing, the biggest ‘heist’ ever and the so-called ‘cops’ are directing traffic while the criminals load the truck! (Literally facilitating their get away!)


(I know writing it in all caps is childish but it satisfies my inner child to do it…so there.)

The self-interested are bankrupting the nation by off-shoring all of our manufacturing capacity and throwing wide the doors of trade so they can import (duty-free) what used to be made right here!

As our economic desert grows, those who profited mightily from lower labor costs and less per employee benefit costs (no pensions and no healthcare) are in the process of joining their overseas empires, leaving a badly wounded land behind.

Their ‘new’ employees are also their new customers, so it’s the big ‘fuck you’ to the rest of us.

Truth be told good citizen, this is, unquestionably, ‘treason’ and everyone responsible SHOULD hang (starting with the criminal lawyers who looked the other way for a payday.)

I mean, what price can you put on the destruction of an entire civilization?

It’s not just the US that got ‘stuck’, it is every ‘developed’ nation around the world.

And guess who pulled the strings for all of this to work?


Who are, coincidentally, the ‘arbiters of the value of everything’ (because they say so, no less!)

This is why ‘money’ failed! (Because in the end it is all just somebody’s [totally uninformed] ‘opinion’.)

It is so because they say it is so.

Unfortunately there is no escaping this, which is why A Simple Plan removes this process from the ‘self-interested’ (By making income streams illegal…actually they will be ‘impossible’, the law will be ‘self-enforcing’.)

[Wonkish: for Newbies, if the mention of the word ‘economics’ makes your eyes glaze over, ‘income streams’ are why the rich remain rich while most lottery winners go bankrupt.

Simply put, an income stream is an income source derived from the sale of a product.

Society/civilization DOES NOT NEED ‘income streams’ to function, we do what we do because it needs doing (and you would do it regardless of whether or not you got paid for it.)

Money is a wonderful invention because it eliminates the need for you to do EVERYTHING yourself. This is a ‘good thing’.

Letting ‘someone else’ decide how much your money is worth is a ‘bad thing’. They tend to decide in their own favor. (Usually by demanding that you pay more than whatever they have to offer is worth. It’s a familiar concept, paying $2 for a one dollar item…because if you don’t pay the two bucks you don’t get the sumbitch.)

How ‘out of hand’ is this situation…the world now supports more than 1,500 multi-billionaires AND EVERY FUCKING ONE OF THEM overcharges their customers! (Which is how they got to be Billionaires!)

Understand, Mother Nature DOESN’T HAVE A CASH REGISTER so all, er, ‘inputs’ are, yup, ‘FREE’. The fucking boss doesn’t pay a red cent for inputs so why should you?

He’s taking X and turning it into something useful…which is inaccurate, he does NONE of this (personally) and the term ‘rich employee’ is an oxymoron. No matter how big your paycheck, without your own income stream, YOU ARE A PEASANT!

All of which is neither here nor there.

What you need to ‘unlearn’ is just ‘who(m) has a ‘right’ to what, when.

Libertarians are fond of spelling your rights out for you because, for them, it is simple, beyond ownership, you have NONE!

This is idiotic but a lot of things humans take for granted don’t withstand close scrutiny well at all.

While ‘income streams’ ARE the ‘lifeblood’ of capitalism they are otherwise unnecessary.

They exist solely to provide an income source for the, er, ‘owner’ (who is incapable of providing any proof at all that they have a right to what they claim is theirs.)

At the very best, ALL ‘owners’ are guilty of dealing in ‘stolen goods’.

Worse, these people commonly sell you what is already ‘yours’ to begin with!

Since the most ‘expendable’ person at any given company is its ‘owner’, A Simple Plan eliminates that position.

Managers, not owners ‘run’ companies.

Much of the ‘suffering’ endured by the lower echelons of our civilization is due to the ‘mal-distribution’ of economic benefit.

Look at what the few have done to what was once the most powerful nation on the planet.

All due to patently false claims of ‘ownership’, somehow the imbeciles think the backing of the ‘legal system’ justifies their claims…which is laughable. I can appoint some idiot to be a judge and he'll gladly agree to whatever I tell him! (Which brings us back to our deeply flawed legal system.)

As you can see, the problem is much deeper than it first appears.

While this could all be summed up by pointing to the central issue, that of ‘ownership’ is it shared or are some pigs ‘more equal’ than others?

A Simple Plan takes the position that we ‘share’ the ownership of this planet’s resources, which includes the planet itself.

We are, by extension, the ‘stewards’ of the interests of future generations. (Another job the current managers are failing miserably at.)

Sadly, ‘damage control’ is the most we can hope for.

Fortunately, the ‘scorched earth’ doesn’t encompass the whole planet (yet.)

Anyway, let me assure you that there are no ‘simple’ answers. It all comes down to what ‘philosophy’ (or ideology) you subscribe to.

Income streams are ‘predatory. They only serve the interests of the owner at the expense of society.

This is NOT what any of us signed up for when we agreed not to kill one another on sight.

Don’t make us change our minds…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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