Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let the attack(s) begin!

Greetings good citizen,

I have to ask, is this how a civilization dies? For the second time in as many months we have a media inspired assassination of politicians on the supposedly 'liberal' side of the fence.

Of course, what catches your eye about this article is the fact that this is another episode of a Fox News/conservative media ‘inspired’ attack…on a sitting US Congress woman…who happened to be guilty of being a Democrat.

Hell, even the link tells us in no uncertain terms that Sarah Palin ‘targeted’ her (allegedly for her support of healthcare reform, which is absolutely NO DIFFERENT from ROMNEY CARE here in Massachusetts. If you don’t have your scorecard handy, Romney is on the ‘R’ team.

So we have (brain damaged) conservatives, shooting Democrats for supporting Republican initiatives!


How much ‘wackier’ is this shit going to get?

I (obviously) love to repeat myself so I will take this opportunity to remind you that conservatism has been found to be a MENTAL DISORDER!

The term ‘conservative nutcase’ is so universally recognized that one is often automatically associated with the other.

Aren’t you glad the Corporate owned media saw fit to hand the mid-term elections to the one-in-five conservatives?

Mathematically, they could not possibly have won…so what does that tell you?

You don’t suppose electoral victory rests in the hands of the people who ‘report’ the election results?

History will ask these and other questions we seem unprepared to cope with at the moment. (Assuming the collapse of our civilization doesn’t also eradicate our species…) Perhaps we wouldn’t be so helpless if the lacing on the straight-jacket were a little bit looser.

But no, instead we are left to ponder such conundrums as Just how tight is that damn muzzle?

It is ‘incongruent’ pieces like this, Where Mr. Rich slams the incumbent one week only to defend him the next, that make you wonder just how ‘rigid’ the editorial guidelines really are.

Job number one at the Corporate Owned media is to ‘keep the illusion alive’. You WILL NOT see anyone from ‘Happy Talk Central’ casting doubt upon our highly manipulated political process.

We’re in the election race season and the media HAS TO (at least pretend) that the incumbent has a chance.

I’m sure most of you are ‘mystified’ (as I was) by the recent announcement that Mr. Obama’s ‘favorability rating’ briefly eclipsed the 50% mark last week.

Naturally, when you hear (obvious bullshit) like this, the first thing that runs through your head is ‘who did they poll, his family?’

Polls, in and of themselves, present a broad array of ‘conditionalities’ that need to be met in order to be considered ‘valid’. It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of widely touted polls DO NOT MEET even a few of the basic conditions for validity.

This is also true of many of the heavily massaged ‘statistics’ the government reports, they have no basis in reality or are so conditional as to be irrelevant.

So, yes, good citizen…if we were to address the topic of just how bad the ‘lie’ situation is I’d have to venture that it has already ‘maxed out’ the bounds of credibility and is headed straight for the Rabbit Hole.

Haven’t you noticed how our daily discourse has become dominated by cries of ‘off with their heads’ (from many different directions.) Damn that Red Queen just doesn’t let up, does she?

The general public wants Wall Street and the Banking Sector to ‘walk the plank’ while the warped and twisted conservatives are poised to attack public sector employees for their ‘expensive benefits and high wages’.

Talk about ‘biting the hand that protects you’, ‘public safety personnel’ have the protection of ‘private property’ as their prime directive.

If a serial killer has you cornered in your house but you manage to get a call into 911, at the same time an alarm goes off at the local bank, and there is only one unit available to respond, guess which one gets priority?

Your death will be written off as a ‘tragic slaying' while the likely false alarm gets checked out.

Nothing personal, it’s just how our fucked up society is set-up. The money of the rich is more important than your life…even though the money is insured!

It’s not particularly rational and most of you would find it more difficult to decide if we changed it from an alarm at a bank to an intruder alert at one of the town’s biggest employers. Throw a pulled fire alarm in with that intruder alert and it’s perfectly justifiable…and just as fucked up.

The Law (which conservatives regularly choose to ignore or ‘mis-interpret’) is written to favor the protection of property over the protection of life.

Our legislators seem ‘obsessed’ with protecting you from yourself but their primary interest is protecting what they own from being destroyed out of revenge for regularly helping themselves to the contents of both your wallet AND the public till.

Pretty sorry state of affairs if you were to ask me…and just because YOU haven’t run afoul of the law ‘recently’ doesn’t mean you’re ‘safe’.

Take a good look around. That noose around your neck is there for a reason. If you don’t take it off, now, you are going to hang!

And guess what, not being able to see the noose doesn’t mean its not there!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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