Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gun Control

Greetings good citizen,

I’m all through beating myself up for being part of the problem rather than part of the (mythical) solution.

So why is it the most common knee-jerk reaction always ends up in some sort of ‘gun control’ diatribe?

Gun control is being able to hit your target.

Or, as is once again the case, as soon as their insane rhetoric produces its most likely out come, conservatives immediately turn Egyptian and the De-nial begins.

‘He was just some nutjob, hell, anything could have set him off…anything!’

So I ask you good citizen, do you know ‘why’ we have people living on the edge, ready to go off at the slightest provocation?

What do you suppose is the ‘cure’ for this seemingly incurable conundrum?

Should we round up all of the guns and dump them in the ocean (followed closely by all of the knives [edged weapons of any sort] and baseball bats?)

Since I can kill you just as quick with my bare hands, is mandating that everyone wear a straight-jacket the answer or should we cut to the chase and simply mandate muzzles?

Neither outlawing nor licensing the ‘tools’ to commit mayhem has yet to succeed in decreasing the tide of violence that is overwhelming our civilization, so where do you suppose the answer lies?

Ya got nuthin, right?

Let’s return to this old chestnut, shall we?

Without equality there can be no justice and without justice there can be no peace…and without peace there can be no prosperity.

You don’t suppose the ‘solution’ to an overly violent society lies in ‘equality and justice’ do you?

You don’t suppose we have so many, er, ‘frustrated’ individuals walking around, ready to commit mass-murder at the slightest provocation because these same people regularly get FUCKED and there isn’t a damn thing they can (legally) do about it?

THIS is the ‘ultimate outcome’ of living in a society with a badly broken ‘justice system’.

Conservatives are quick to start squawking about the ‘Nanny State’ here BUT laws designed to protect you from those who would cheat you are the only Nanny State laws the warped and twisted conservatives fret about.

These are the same assholes who would ‘bring back’ (because there used to be laws against such things) fines for not going to church on Sunday or vagrancy laws where the offender could be jailed if they didn’t have a certain sum of money on their person. (oops, in the Red States, you can be locked up today for what you don't have in your pocket...my bad. Sadly, this is NOT a 'coincidence'.)

Oh that pendulum do swing good citizen and guess which direction it's swinging in now?

Considering the Corporate owned media is conspiring to impose ‘conservative’ government upon us, you might want to start pondering what you can do about this unseemly turn of events.

What’s so bad about ‘conservative government’?

I suspect most of us will have a problem with it being a crime to be poor.

Stupid shit like this brought the world to the edge of civil war, which was ‘re-directed’ into a brutal World War…no irony should be lost on the fact that it was the ‘First’ World War.

The monarchies fell and ‘peace’ was restored…for a while.

Laugh if you want, but understand that most of the monarchs of old stepped off of their thrones and took up residence in their Treasuries.

Is it any wonder the ‘world of money’ is so fucked up today?

Not to drift ‘off-topic’ here, with that topic being barely restrained, widespread violence that is shredding the fabric of our society at the seams but I’d posit that it was a, er, ‘serious miscalculation’ not to strip the former monarchs of their, er, ill-gotten gains.

And a little ‘punishment’ would have been, ‘in order’ for most of them…considering the suffering they caused (‘beloved’ or not.)

History can be very enlightening if you brush aside the copious amounts of ‘whitewash’ used when writing history and give consideration to what was going on with the ‘average citizen’ at the time…

Sick as it is good citizen, the ‘repression’ that led to WWI is PRECISELY what the conservatives are ‘nostalgic’ for.

How unfortunate is it that conservatives aren’t big on ‘equality’ either? (This is mostly due to their ‘demonstrable’ better than us qualities, like their shoes are shinier than ours, thus they are not nor should they be considered our ‘equals’…despite bleeding that is virtually indistinguishable from that of the ‘ordinary’ person.)

This is even more serious than it appears because there isn’t any room for ‘live and let live’. YOU are inferior and must bow to their, er, ‘superior judgement’.

Notice how you won’t find conservatives making ridiculous proposals to toughen gun controls laws! (Even though the ‘rigidity’ of conservative values is behind much of our social violence…go figure?)

Typical conservatives want nothing to do with the only logical solution…so where does this leave you good citizen?

Gun control is being able to hit your target…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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