Friday, January 14, 2011

Brain Damaged

Greetings good citizen,
I don’t know what to say but ‘’opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.”

Turns out I’m not the only one who took exception to this piece from today’s NY Times

Posited therein we have this (contested) opinion of a majority of US Citizens:

Almost half (47%) of Americans say China is the world’s leading economic power, while just 31% name the U.S. Three years ago — prior to the global economic crisis – only 30% characterized China as the global economic leader, compared with 41% for the U.S.

Just how strong do they mix the Kool Aide at the NY Times these days? Should we give Mr. Leonhardt a ‘pass’ because he is an economic columnist and is therefore, by default, clueless?

He goes on in the article to defend the United States number 1 status by omitting the fact that he’s NOT comparing apples to apples. The fact that the Chinese Yuan buys four times what a US dollar buys tips the scales decidedly in China’s favor.

The whole charade is an exercise in creative accounting. Truth be told, the cheaper there CAN’T exist because ALL money is ‘funny’.

The cheaper there is a legal fiction created by the financial sector (For the benefit of the elite.)

This fact leads to some extremely disturbing asides concerning the, er, competence of the individuals who manage our affairs…people you and I have zero control over.

Worse, the people who do have SOME authority over these thieves are in the thieves pay!

Did I mention the badly broken ‘justice system’?

Which, naturally, leads us to the disturbing question of just how reliable is the (allegedly) most liberal of the mainstream media outlets?

Two major credit ratings agencies warned Thursday that the United States might tarnish its triple-A credit rating if its national debt kept growing.

It was not the first time the agencies, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s Investors Service, warned that the nation’s gilt-edged rating might fall into jeopardy.
But the two statements, made within hours of each other, were seized on by deficit hawks as further evidence that the government must reduce spending and debt to avert disaster. That is just what many Tea Party supporters insist.

Okay, so just how big a threat is the 33,000 strong Tea Party? Actually a pretty big one if we consider that the people behind this decidedly unpopular movement are BILLIONAIRES!

So it really doesn’t matter what the rest of us think, this is THEIR land and if you don’t like how they run it, LEAVE.

Hey, wait a minute, isn’t this just what Jefferson warned us about? How someday we’d find ourselves being evicted from the very land our forefathers fought to liberate?

Don’t look now Bud but we’re already there.

Between the thieving banks and the conniving capitalists we have become (unwelcome) tenants in our own nation.

I preach to the choir when I point to the inevitable consequences of ‘doing nothing’.

Speaking of doing nothin’, the same ‘general public’ who (correctly) believes that the Chinese economy has ‘eclipsed’ the doomed US economy is also aware that nothing has been done to correct the economic imbalances that threaten our civilization along with the entire Western way of life.

1933 All Over Again

Until there is reform, significant changes, nothing will work and there will be no sustainable recovery. Trickle down ultimately leads to debilitating and widening social dislocations (homelessness, unemployment, poor health) that are highly unproductive.

The question, quite naturally is whether or not those who hope to escape prosecution for their treachery WANT the current situation ‘corrected’.

Without a 4th Estate that is willing to keep the Elite in check we have no ‘evidence’ that we can use to combat those who would sell us onto bondage for their own benefit.

Not that the evidence isn’t there, out in plain sight for all to see.

I point to it regularly, for all the good it does.

I know I’m hard to share, most people don’t appreciate my level of bluntness, but, with that said, at last look I am the ONLY ONE with a PRACTICAL, WORKABLE solution.

The ‘re-engineering of mankind’ is unnecessary with A Simple Plan.

The sooner we get started, the better off we’ll all be.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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