Sunday, January 23, 2011

Movie Review

Greetings good citizen,

Tonight’s piece is 95% Movie Review combined with some unparalleled social insight that doesn’t really kick in until page two…so if you tuned out before then, you missed the good stuff entirely.

Not having seen either flick I’ll have to bow to Mr. Rich’s judgement but that said, there’s a lot of truth to the expression that tells us how art often imitates life.

Probably why my screenplays will never see themselves interpreted either on stage or screen. The people who pay for such things are somewhat sensitive about the type of material they will fund. (Although I’ve seen dreck get funded so it isn’t ‘quality’ that drives the decision-making process out there under the ‘brain cloud’ over LA.)

Seems to be ‘ego’ if you ask me…some reasonably insecure ones at that.

One of the tight-ropes that I refuse to walk is cardinal rule number one, don’t write anything that will directly offend the money.

Almost all of my screenplays skewer either the rich thieves or ridicule how money is worshiped by society.

But enough about me, let’s move on to that damn liberal media and how Mr. Obama is trying to make himself into Bill Clinton, the best Republican president we’ve had in a hundred years!

Allegedly, the upcoming State of the Union Address will focus on establishing Mr. Obama’s bona fides as a true blue ‘centrist’.

Now I ask you good citizen, what do we call someone who bends over backwards to, er, ‘help’ Big Business (while bending the workers/voters over and stuffing them like a Thanksgiving turkey) for those same commercial lions?

Isn’t the word for that kind of behavior Republican?

Did dipshit make a ‘mistake’ and run under the wrong political party?

Um, not necessarily, we didn’t get where we are today without a lot of willing cooperation from the party formerly known as the Democrats.

Isn’t that the one thing that everybody (who draws a paycheck) in this country is upset about, how the ‘owner/investor class’ keeps getting tax breaks and investment incentives and NOT FUCKING ONE OF THEM IS INVESTING IN THE USA!

Am I dismissing the achievements of Mr. Zuckerberg?

Actually, yes, yes I am.

It is a damn dismal development when Wall Street hails the further advancement of Big Brother as a major commercial accomplishment.

But that only goes to show you just how ‘bankrupt’ our society has become…but you didn’t need me to tell you that.

They’re about to let the hollowed out shell of our former nation collapse under its own weight and there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop it.

Worse, chances are good you won’t even know it happened, that’s how bad things have become.

This is how ‘the end’ appears to sneak up on you. You CAN see it coming IF you are willing to accept the idea that collapse is eminent.

The more interesting exercise will be in how long it takes for the rest of our society to wake up to the fact that they have been abandoned?

That’s the final step good citizen, the ‘artificial calm’ that has prevailed since our social model collapsed three years ago will disintegrate once ‘the guiding hand’ leaves the building.

Understand, ‘collapse’ will not be a ‘local event’, it will cascade around the globe.

And guess who will be waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces?

Yup, the same idiots who wrecked our civilization in the first place.

The ‘wild card’ here citizen is where will YOU be?

Will you be shivering in the cold, waiting for your master’s guiding hand to lead you back to your pathetic life? Or will you be united with your neighbors, waiting to finally bring these uncivilized slobs to justice?

The choice, quite naturally, is yours.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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