Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's wrong with this picture?

Greetings good citizen,

I forgot to wish you a ‘happy’ New Year…not that I think there is much to be ‘happy’ about on the foreseeable horizon.

Somehow shouting ‘Brace yourself’ seems to lack that festive quality a pending ‘fresh start’ implies.

So, as we commence year three of the collapse of Western civilization (ironically, through it’s near universal adoption by the developing nations of the world) we are indeed left to ponder just what will be so ‘happy’ about the coming new year?

Should we ‘count our blessings?’

How about the usual, being thankful we’re not already dead (although we might soon wish we were!)

Or how about be thankful that things aren’t ‘worse’ (although it is already difficult to imagine things being worse than they already are!)

Sure, most of us aren’t living out of cardboard boxes (yet) but that’s more a function of timing than luck. If you aren’t living out of the trunk of your car (if you’re lucky enough to still have one) you will be.

But this is not the story the CO media tells us.

No, the CO media is still brimming with some of the grimmest ‘Happy Talk’ I’ve ever seen.

“Things may suck but they’re getting better all the time so just hang in there!”

Bad News, good citizen; things AREN’T going to get any better.

Just like the last two, er, ‘economic downturns’ this one is just another episode of our incredible ‘shrinking’ economy.

Worse good citizen, it is a CONTINUATION of the previous two downturns! We technically haven’t recovered from the 1991 recession! (Which is to point out [again] that there is no such thing as a ‘jobless recovery’.)

That’s the ‘elephant in the room’ good citizen, our population has grown steadily over the past two decades but our workforce has remained stagnant at 1990 levels!

While the ‘not in the workforce’ segment has grown in leaps and bounds!

This is freaking mismanagement with a capital M!
(But you didn’t need me to tell you that…)

So once again we are faced with the rhetorical question of What’s wrong with this picture?

Since when does ‘insider trading’ of economically inconsequential (largely unproductive) shares constitute ‘improvement’ in the overall economy?

How sad is it that the fourth estate appears to be ignorant of this fact?

When the rich getting richer becomes the roadmap for prosperity it’s time for some good old fashion ‘lynching’.

The ‘nutters’ have truly overrun the asylum…

The disturbing part is that nobody else seems to have noticed.

Which gives you an idea just how long reasonable (logical) perspective has been absent from the public arena.

Unless you want to start calling gasbags like Limbaugh or Beck either reasonable OR logical…

Understand good citizen you’re working harder than ever for less money! (And there ain’t a fucking thing you can do about it!)

Let’s flip that coin on its head, we’re riding an express bus whose next stop is A Banana Republic where there’s no money for anything. (Except the few services the very rich demand like a strong and brutal police force that keeps the rabble repressed.)

Is THIS what you ‘bought in’ to?

Why aren’t you regularly firebombing your local police station? Is it because they haven’t murdered anyone you know (yet?)

Why do you suppose, as the article tells us, with unemployment off the charts, our infrastructure is being neglected?

Is it because ‘we don’t have the money?’

Bad News, good citizen, we ‘didn’t have the money’ when the fucking things were built!

It didn’t matter then and it doesn’t matter now!

Understand good citizen, the Elite and the Conservatives who adore them want above all else is to ‘punish’ the people of this nation for not kissing their ass!

We SHOULD string ‘em all up…but that’s just one of many suggestions, plan ‘B’ is to ‘exile’ the lot of ‘em!

Seriously good citizen, the crisis before us is due to the already privileged few putting their own welfare ahead of the welfare of our species…and that is an unforgivable crime against nature.

Once a segment of a species turns against its own, the ‘rogues’ are marked for destruction, the ‘tribe’ has no choice. Either wipe out the rogues or face extinction at the their hands.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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