Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Wrong Conversation

Greetings good citizen,

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a fourth book, my second non-fiction piece.

As time runs out (and it surely will) it is unlikely to attract enough attention to alter the course we’re on but, by my way of thinking, it will only take a small cadre of ‘true believers’ to set society back on the right track.

Hell, look at the progress made by the original ‘Sons of Liberty’ and the difficulty the oligarchs have had ‘bastardizing’ their legacy, initially through complacency and then through deceit.

The key to this whole fuckaree lies in money and whether you realize it or not, money is still very much ‘open to interpretation’ (which SHOULD scare the fuck out of you!)

Isn’t the oligarch’s main argument centered on ‘taxation’?

They even revived a (clueless) ‘Tea Party’ to combat paying their ‘fair share’. How ironic is it that the nation’s wealthiest people are behind the so-called ‘tax revolt’?

The important part to keep in mind here good citizen is this IS NOT about money, it’s about CONTROL (because whosoever controls your money controls YOU!)

Which is to point out like so many others have tried (and failed because they too are clueless) we aren’t having the ‘right conversation’ in this society of ours.

We’ve become so preoccupied with the symptoms (thanks to the clueless) that we have ignored the disease!

Which is to point out the highly ‘artificial’ nature of the calamity that threatens to utterly destroy our civilization.

NONE of what is coming is real OR necessary.

The part that should piss everybody off is the fact that all of this is one giant rip-off!

I won’t tell you what I think we should do to the responsible parties (and there are a considerable number that share the blame.)

Worse, the assholes are doing this KNOWING that the loot won’t do them any good.

Like I have said numerous times before, this isn’t about money, it is about ‘stretching out’ their power beyond its ‘natural’ end (and the only way to do that is to kill off a shitload of the ‘surplus population’.)

And guess what good citizen? If you work for a paycheck, YOU are a member of the ‘surplus population’.

Think about it good citizen, the ‘wealthy’ need only a few ‘useful idiots’ to do the ‘grunt work’ of keeping the lights on and the planes in the air. A few hundred to work the ‘plantation’ that grows their food and the feed of their livestock.

Naturally, a few doctors and enough guards to keep the grunts at arms length and we’d have, er, ‘oligarch’s Utopia!’

Worse, it would probably be modeled on Plato’s vision of the ideal society, where there was a ‘place’ for everyone and everyone knew their place. (As frightening as that would be in reality.) Social mobility would be a total non-starter, if you were born a grunt, you’d die a grunt and like it.

Yeah, in oligarch Utopia, money would be unnecessary, as the currency of the realm would be life itself. If you did what you were told you got to live another day.

THAT good citizen is the ‘danger’ we face from letting socio-paths manage our affairs.

They don’t need us nearly as much as they fear us.

If given the opportunity, they’d kill off as many of us as they could and take their chances with the rest.

Which is a really bad plan because the survivors aren’t likely to be particularly ‘forgiving’.

But one quick look around is enough to tell you what terrible planners the oligarchs are.

While they (remarkably) get things done (they are very capable at delegating,) they leave the execution of their goals to those they delegate the task to (who are, unsurprisingly, much more competent than they are.)

And now we come full circle to ‘useful idiots’.

It’s sort of an interlocking thing, isn’t it? It is not possible to fix our badly broken socio-political system if we are unable to have a rational dialog on the subject.

Now think about why certain parties are VERY interested in preventing that dialog from taking place?

Because if we EVER began having an open discussion about the way things SHOULD BE the miscreants responsible for the current fiasco would be behind bars before the day was through!

There is one VERY IMPORTANT fact the, er, con men running this scam NEED you to remain ignorant of, they need you to remain ignorant of the fact that WE (meaning all of us) ARE THE LAW!

As long as they keep you convinced that you are powerless, you will remain powerless and their reckless disregard for the well-being of our species will continue unabated.

And you don’t want THAT, do you good citizen?

I didn’t think so.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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