Friday, October 12, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Markets around the globe tanked again today after starting the day in predominantly positive territory.

Um, they can make the numbers whatever they want them to be so I wouldn’t go reading too much into today’s negative close.

What makes your head explode is the irrational surges upward for no rhyme or reason.

It has become increasingly obvious that the markets exist to, er, ‘influence’ desired political outcomes…and I would once again opine that the guy who gave 47% of the electorate the finger a few weeks ago is still looking like he is going to ‘inexplicably’ ‘Win the White House’.

And maybe we should spend a few minutes reflecting on what we should do if that happens.

The, er, electoral thieves have it set up so the general public BELIEVES we are SO divided the election could go either way…when the truth is just the opposite, despite rising 'voter dissatisfaction’ there IS A CONSENSUS on what we collectively DON’T WANT.

And the would be another round of irresponsible Republican warmongering with their reckless ‘borrow and spend’ financing of tax cuts for people who need them the least!

And we all KNOW that is what we will get if the Mitten is declared the winner this November.

But hold the phone good citizen because the ‘incumbent’ is no better!

They bludgeoned Clinton into eliminating welfare and signing NAFTA during HIS second term…and they’ll do that and more during Bobo’s second term, especially if Willard proves too controversial to put in the oval office.

Which is to caution you that we, as a people, are ‘well and truly’ regardless of how this November turns out.

But lets suppose they stick to their original plan and install the double R team after going through the ‘pretense’ of holding an election.

Understand good citizen, the ‘one in five’ rule is still holding strong. You see conservative signage on the lawn of every twentyith house around here and I live in the conservative part of the state!

20% of the vote doesn’t elect the president…but that hasn’t mattered for a goodly number of years…because the corporate owned media has us all convinced that the split isn’t one fifth vs. four fifths.

No, our ‘can’t count and don’t care’ conservo-media has told the people of this republic that we are ‘evenly divided…so much so that only a handful of ‘undecided independents’ will elect the next president.

And nobody can gainsay them.

And this is the fifth consecutive election they’ve pulled this bullshit! (While each time they have installed their boy with impunity.)

Are you ready to be lied to again?

Because there isn’t anything you can do about it if they do.

Or is there?

Truth is not even Republicans want to see another Republican administration!

Despite the claims of the corporate owned media, even Republicans know who drove us to the poorhouse

It’s no secret.

The two top spending presidents of all time are Ronnie Reagan and G W. Bush.

While we have Nixon to thank for opening the doors to China, we have Saint Ronnie and the PATCO debacle to thank for the ‘global race to the bottom’.

So how do you think the, er, ‘final’ installation of faux Republican administration is going to sit when 95% of us KNOW we DIDN’T vote for ‘em?

How are they gonna pull this off?

They are HOPING most of you will believe that the majority of people dislike Obama enough to ‘risk’ giving the ‘do nothing’ former governor of Massachusetts a chance.

I mean hell, could a bonafide member of the >One Percent do worse than a community organizer?

I guess we arrive back at the start of this puzzle with the question of ‘whose government is it anyway?’

Governments are established to protect the ‘average citizen’ from the rapaciousness of the capitalists…

So what does it mean for the average citizen when the rapacious capitalist seizes control of the government that it is supposed to be ‘riding herd’ on?

Um, you’re about to find out.

Because this time they are risking a revolt…and they know it. It may not happen on Election Day and it may not happen that first week…but it will probably go sideways sometime before the inauguration.

We aren’t going to take it…the question without answer is whether or not they will, er, ‘retaliate’ with enough force to ferment a full bore response?

They will hunt down the rebels and possibly execute them on live television…as a warning to anyone else contemplating, er, ‘resistance’.

But that would be foolish.

Chances are they will simply ‘disappear’ the rebels as they find them, murdering them at their leisure.

But an invisible response will invite a stronger attack…so it’s difficult to say how they will react…which is to opine that they will be all over the board depending on what happens where.

When they close Wall Street, that’s gonna cause some backlash.

I’ll be watching that one with interest indeed!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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